If my email campaign fails to send due to AWS send limit, will my pending emails be automatically sent the next day?

After sending 50,000 emails within 24 hours, AWS will not allow you to send any more emails that day. So, MailBluster will eventually fail to send the rest and mark the campaign as failed. It will not try to send the remaining emails automatically since it’s a part of the manual campaign (not Automation). What you need to do is find the remaining emails (leads) of the failed campaign using the conditions shown below for the Standard segment and send a new campaign to that segment on the next day.

Segment Conditions:

Creating a new campaign using the above Standard Segment conditions:

To avoid such situation like campaign failed issue due to AWS daily sending limit, you can slice your total recipients into multiple segments using A/B testing segment where each segment won’t contain more than your daily sending limit. To do so, go to Leads > Segments > Create segment > A/B testing segment tab and create your segment as shown below.