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Why use MailBluster?

MailBluster Contact Page Powerful. Simple. Affordable.

We built MailBluster on top of cutting-edge technology to deliver marketing emails at scale and at a cheap cost. It's so powerful that you can send millions of promotional emails while keeping each one personalized.

List segmentation

Target and re-target subscribers based on who opened (or didn't open) a specific email, clicked a certain link in an email or what products they bought.

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A/B testing

Set up two variations of the one campaign and figure out which variation option is the most effective in terms of encouraging opens, clicks or conversion

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Email templates

Choose template from our beautiful built-in template gallery. You can build your own template gallery by crafting our existing templates or creating from scratch.

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Real-time tracking & report

MailBluster tracks all the user activities and lets you visualize opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and eCommerce conversions with charts & data.

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Drag & drop email composer

Create responsive HTML newsletters with our powerful drag & drop email builder. Send professional-looking marketing campaigns that look and feel like you!

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Double opt-in

Build more qualified leads, create stronger relationships with them and improve email deliverability by using the powerful double opt-in feature.

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More to love

  • High email deliverability
  • Lead custom fields
  • Use personalized merge tags
  • Import leads without re-confirmation
  • Mass add, delete or unsubscribe leads
  • Organize leads by tags
  • Multiple brand users and roles
  • Bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling
  • Powerful developer API
  • Customized campaign URLs
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  • Unlimited leads
  • Send up to 3,000 emails
  • MailBluster’s branding
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$60 / year

Annual subscription

  • Unlimited leads
  • Unlimited emails / month
    at $0.60 per 1,000 emails
  • No MailBluster's branding
  • Email automation
  • Custom fields
  • Pro templates
  • Export leads and reports

MailBluster Pro cost calculator

Approximate calculation of Amazon SES
Applicable only for the first 12 months after start using AWS

Total cost for the month


MailBluster Pro subscription
$60 per year, equivalent to $5 per month
MailBluster email cost
$0.60 per 1,000 emails
Amazon SES cost
$0.0001 per email
Total cost for the month
Approximate cost

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Pricing FAQ

Need some clarifications? Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions on our pricing.

MailBluster requires a verified and approved AWS account that is out of the sandbox phase to send and track email campaigns. It utilizes Amazon SES for sending email campaigns and Amazon SNS for tracking them.

No. Amazon will charge you separately, on your Amazon account according to the SES and SNS pricing structure.

For example:

Using our "Starter" plan, If you send 3k emails, it will cost you $0.00 on MailBluster. If you are eligible for the Amazon SES free tier, you can send 3k emails for free, costing you $0 on Amazon. If you are not eligible, Amazon will cost you $0.30.

Using our "Pro" plan, If you send 100k emails a month, it will cost you $60.00 on MailBluster. If you are eligible for the Amazon SES free tier, you will be charged $9.70 on Amazon (for sending 97k emails). If not, Amazon will charge you $10.00.

* A super tiny cost might incur if you exceed the Amazon SNS free limit, which is explained in the next question.

The calculation for SNS is a bit complex. MailBluster uses the HTTP/s Endpoint notification delivery type. Which costs $0 for the first 100,000 requests a month. And an additional $0.60 per million requests. More details on SNS pricing here.

For example,

To give you an approximate idea of the cost - If you send 100k emails - with 20% open rate and 10% click rate, total SNS request will be (100,000 for delivery + 20,000 for opens + 10,000 clicks ) = 130,000. Amazon SNS charge will be (130,000 - 100,000 ) = 30,000 x ($0.60/1,000,000) = $0.018

Once your Starter plan exceeds 3k, you will not be able to use this plan. You have to switch to "Pro" plan and will be able to send as many emails as you want, with a charge of $0.60 for every 1000 emails through MailBluster (Amazon SES Fees Excluded). The "Pro" plan is MailBluster paid subscription plan, which requires an additional payment of $60 per year ($5 per month) when you subscribe.

If you haven't used the 3k free email quota included in the "Starter" plan, you can still access it by switching back to the "Starter" plan from the "Pro" plan. For example, if you initially switched to the "Pro" plan without using the free emails, you can revert to the "Starter" plan to utilize the 3k free email campaigns. However, if you have already used up the free 3k emails while on the "Starter" plan, you will need to upgrade to the "Pro" plan to continue using MailBluster.

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