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In the email marketing world, both MailBluster and Sendy are allowing users to send an enormous amount of marketing emails or newsletters at a low cost using Amazon SES.

This article will outline a detailed and honest comparison between MailBluster and Sendy. We will consider the following features for comparison:

  • Setup
  • Number of subscribers
  • List Segmentation
  • Drag & Drop Email Builder
  • A/B Testing
  • Time-Warp Delivery
  • Real-Time Tracking & Reporting
  • Pricing

Let’s undergo every bit now to make up your mind which one you should go with.


MailBluster is cloud-hosted, which means no setup is required from your side. All you need to do is create your account on MailBluster, put your amazon SES credentials, and start sending. Moreover, if you need a hand on getting started, you can hit the live chat anytime; we are happy to walk you through the process step by step.

On the other hand, Sendy is a self-hosted. That makes it complicated to set up specially if you are not a pro with web hosting. To start sending, you need to find out a hosting provider who offers an Apache server with PHP & MySQL support and which is running on a similar to or Unix operating system for example- Linux. After configuring and installing the files, another walk-through needs to be passed to integrate your AWS account with Sendy. Moreover, you need to pay the monthly hosting bill. A big minus for Sendy.

Number of Subscribers

Both MailBluster and Sendy give you the luxury to store and manage unlimited number of subscribers or email addresses. You can start to store unlimited subscribers in Mailbluster at a cost of $0 with the Starter pricing plan.

But for Sendy, you have to provide the monthly hosting fee from $10 to $40+ depending on the hosting you are using to host it.

List Segmentation

With MailBluster, you can send targeted newsletters to a segment of your subscribers. You can target or re-target subscribers by segmenting them based on their activities, like who opened a specific email, whether a link attached to an email clicked or not, purchase history, locations, and much more.

Sendy too has the feature ‘List Segmentation,’ but it’s way less powerful than MailBluster. Sendy lets users create customized segments based on location, specific email sending service users (e.g., Gmail), etc. For best results, users can include or exclude any segment or list from any campaign.

Drag & Drop Email Builder

There is an amazing feature called Drag & Drop Email Builder that MailBluster comes with. This feature allows users to create email campaigns by themselves. Beautiful, creative and professional options are there to make your newsletter more attractive to your subscribers. You can create a newsletter without any prior knowledge of coding. Moreover, titles, buttons, texts, layouts, everything can be customized. Also, MailBluster has both WYSIWYG composer and HTML code editor too.

Sendy does not have drag and drop email builder. It has a WYSIWYG editor and an HTML code code editing mode which allows you to create the HTML email somewhere else and send it through sendy.

A/B Testing

MailBluster enables users to slice the subscribers into A/B Testing slices and send multiple variations of a campaign to analyze and scrutinize the outcomes. It helps the users to find out the most effective marketing campaign.

Contrarily, Sendy doesn’t have an A/B Testing feature.

Time-Warp Delivery & Scheduling

MailBluster gives the opportunity to schedule campaigns according to the subscriber’s time zone. For instance, if an email is sent from New York and scheduled at 9 am for delivery, a west coast subscriber might get the email at 6 am PST. Timewarp Delivery assures that anyone doesn’t get it until it’s 9 am in their time zone. Also, you can schedule campaigns to send later.

Nevertheless, Sendy also provides scheduled delivery. Users can generate a schedule for their email campaigns to send it later based on the date and time zone.

Real-Time Tracking & Reporting

MailBluster tracks subscriber activities like opens, clicks, bounces, complaints etc. It also harvests all available information on a subscriber like which devices they are using, which browser, and their location. It uses amazon SNS for tracking, which gives you robust and accurate data.

However, Sendy shows tracking and reporting of email campaigns with its built-in mechanism. Which sometimes can not provide you with data as robust and accurate as MailBluster.


MailBluster does not charge based on the number of subscribers. You can store unlimited subscribers and pay only for the email you send. MailBluster is probably the only email marketing tool which is providing 3K emails FREE (one time use). After that, it charges as low as $0.6 per 1K emails.

Sendy will cost $69 on the first purchase and $29 for updates for each new version. Plus, the monthly hosting cost is from $10-$40+ depending on the hosting provider you are using. Moreover, if you are not comfortable doing all the server admin work all by yourself, you need to hire one for setup maintenance.

Let’s have a look at the pricing plans of both the email sending software:

InstallationCost per 1K emailsSubscribersHosting Fee

For both Sendy and MailBluster, Amazon SES sending charges (0.10/1000 emails) will be applied.

Similar Features of Both The Platforms

  • Great deliverability (via Amazon SES)
  • Bounce handling
  • Unsubscribe handling
  • Custom fields
  • Import lists without re-confirmation
  • Send emails with attachments
  • Use personalization tags

To draw a decisive conclusion, it is essential to be clear which one is the favorite between MailBluster and Sendy. A strength comparison has been made of each of the bulk email senders as follows-

Arguments in favor of MailBluster

  1. No setup fee
  2. No monthly fee
  3. Cloud Hosted – one click setup.
  4. Unlimited Number of Subscribers
  5. 3K emails free (one time use)
  6. Drag & Drop Email Builder
  7. Advanced list Segmentation
  8. Timewrap Delivery (based on the client’s local time zone) to make the email campaign effective.
  9. A/B Testing option to compare and analyze a campaign.
  10. Developer API to provide the option to integrate it into other systems.

Arguments in favor of Sendy

  1. No monthly fee
  2. Unlimited Number of Subscribers
  3. Unlimited Number of Emails
  4. Report Generation
  5. Integrate it to other systems via Zapier


The count of individual arguments in points (10:5), it is clear that MailBluster wins the race. However, it is totally upon users to realize the aforementioned points and make decisions relying on their findings. Click here to Start sending with MailBluster.


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    1. Hello Andrew, If you can export HTML from Postcard, you can definitely send it with MailBluster. Moreover, we have a built-in Drag and Drop Email Builder which you can use for free. Give it try here:
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