Ongage Pricing vs. MailBluster Pricing: A Thorough Analysis

Ongage Pricing vs. MailBluster Pricing: A Thorough Analysis

Ongage pricing vs. MailBluster pricing; which one could be price-friendly for you? Both of these are renowned and effective email marketing platforms. But if you’re looking for a financially convenient one, then no worries! I’ll help you decide by presenting a pricing guide (applicable in 2024). Let’s go through a thorough analysis of their pricing.

In this blog, I will present a pricing comparison between Ongage and MailBluster and help you choose a price-effective email marketing platform.

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Why Do You Need an Email Marketing Platform?

Let’s go through some statistics that prove the importance of email marketing practice.

All these statistics prove how much of a vital role email marketing plays in today’s world. Also, based on these statistics, by now, you surely understand why you need to include email marketing in your marketing agenda. And for practicing email marketing, you need to use an effective email marketing platform for a better email marketing experience.

Why is the Pricing of an Email Marketing Platform an Essential Fact?

The price of the email marketing platform is essential as it is connected with so many things. You may have questions such as:

  • How much does an email cost?
  • How much does email design cost?
  • How much does it cost to run an email campaign?
  • How much does it cost to send 1 million emails?
  • How much can you make with email marketing?

Apart from the first question, there’s no straight-cut answer for the rest of the questions. An email will cost you nothing. Well, except for the internet connection cost, of course! However, for the rest of the questions, all these vastly depend on the price of an email marketing platform. 

Well, how much email design will cost you and how much it will cost you to run an email campaign depends on the pricing of your email marketing software. Also, how much does it cost to send 1 million emails, and how much can you make with email marketing- both are connected with the pricing of your email marketing tool. 

For instance, you have to measure whether your revenue/profit from email marketing is more or less than what you spend on it, right? If it’s more, then cool, you’re doing good! But if it’s less, then you might rethink your current email marketing strategy and consider switching to a price-friendly one!

Ongage Pricing Details

Check out the following picture for Ongage pricing details.

Ongage pricing details.

As you can see, Ongage has multiple pricing packages, a total of 4. These are Starter, Basic, Premium, and Unlimited.

  • So, it starts with the “Starter” package that begins at $399 and will let you send up to 1 million emails per month.

  • The second one is the “Basic” package, which starts at $949 and comes up with up to 5 million monthly emails. 

  • The third one is the “Premium” package, which begins at $1499 and will let you send up to 7 million emails monthly. Also, this package is recommended by Ongage, too. 

  • The fourth and final one is “Unlimited,” which is known as the “High volume custom plan,” where customers can customize according to their choice but on a high-demand basis.

MailBluster Pricing Details

Now, let’s check out the following picture for MailBluster pricing details.

MailBluster pricing details.
  • The Starter package allows you to send up to 3000 emails per account for free, including MailBluster branding on all outgoing emails and unsubscribe pages. However, it can be used only once. Nevertheless, you get to start MailBluster with a $0 cost. Also, you don’t need to add a billing card to use this free plan.

  • The Pro package is the MailBluster paid plan. The subscription cost is $60 yearly. To use this paid plan by providing your billing card information, you will be charged $0.60 for every 1,000 emails (0.0006 per email) you send through MailBluster. You will be billed based on your usage at each month’s end. Also, using MailBluster‘s paid plan, you will be able to remove MailBluster branding from all outgoing emails, unsubscribe pages, and use all the pro features, including the Automation feature.

[Please Note: To send emails through MailBluster, you will need a verified, approved, and out-of-sandbox AWS account and connect it with MailBluster. Also, remember that the billing of AWS and the billing of MailBluster are separate from each other. Whether you use the Free or paid plan of MailBluster, you will still need a verified AWS account.]

Ongage Pricing vs. MailBluster Pricing

Now, moving on to a price comparison between these two. Let’s go through Ongage pricing vs. Mailbluster pricing overview and find out which one seems to be more convenient.

Ongage Pricing vs. MailBluster pricing overview.

Free plan

Ongage doesn’t provide any free plan, whereas MailBluster provides a free plan; 3000 emails at $0 cost (one time). But Ongage only offers a free trial of 14 days. So, if you want a free plan, then MailBluster is for you.

Pricing package

Ongage has multiple pricing packages, a total of 4. MailBluster has one paid plan suited for all; Pro package (pay as you go), $0.0060 per email. Here, unlike Ongage you don’t have to be confused about which paid plan to choose.

Starting price

The starting price of Ongage is $399, and for MailBluster, it is $0, as it offers you a free plan. So, you can start with $0 for your email marketing using MailBluster. Even the paid plan is cheap here: $0.60 per 1000 emails for “Pro” So, you can see how price-effective MailBluster can be for you compared to Ongage.

Real-time tracking

In Ongage, you will only get the feature of real-time tracking from their “Basic” price package, which starts at $949. But, in MailBluster, you can use this real-time tracking feature from the “Starter” plan, which takes $0. So, here you’re actually getting this feature for free!

API documentation/access

Like the previous one, you’ll get API access in Ongage only from the “Basic” price package starting at $949. But in MailBluster, you can get it from the free plan! Here, at zero price, you’ll get to control Leads, fields, products, and orders.

Automation feature

Automation is an essential feature of email marketing, and it’s mainly applicable to paid customers. In Ongage, this feature is available from the “Basic” package, which starts from $949. Meanwhile, MailBluster’s automation feature is available from the “Pro” plan, which starts from $0.60/1000 emails. So clearly, you see the pricing difference, right? Hence, compared to Ongage, with MailBluster, you can use this feature at such a low price.


Moreover, according to SaasWorthy’s review, Ongage pricing begins at $399 per month, which is 2000% pricier than other comparable services. Also, from this Ongage pricing vs. MailBluster pricing, there’s no doubt that MailBluster is more financially convenient. So, if you’re on a low budget and need email marketing software that is qualitative, provides all the basic essential features, and ensures cyber security all in one at a very low price. Then, undoubtedly, MailBluster is the right one for you!

Why Choose MailBluster as an Ongage Alternative?

By now, you already know how MailBluster can be a more financially convenient option for email marketing. Moving on, let’s go for another costing analysis, which will clarify further doubts about why you should choose MailBluster as an Ongage alternative. How? Let’s see!

Why consider MailBluster?

Ongage is a high-volume email sending tool. Therefore, as you can see, their pricing plan starts with sending 1 million emails for $399. Whether you send 1 million emails or less than that, you will be charged the worthy cost of sending 1 million emails.

Now, you might not need to send high-volume emails. Suppose you have 100,000 leads; then you might want to send just 1 lakh emails instead of 1 million, right? In this case, you don’t need a pricey package for 1 million email sending. Hence, going for Ongage will not suit you.

Therefore, you need to choose an email marketing platform where you can send emails less than 1 million with effective pricing suitable to your budget. And MailBluster can be a solution in this case. MailBluster pricing is very price-friendly, so you can send emails less than 1 million at a suitable cost.

Calculating MailBluster pricing for 100,000 emails per month

Want to know how much does it cost to send 100000 emails with MailBluster? Let’s figure it out!

For instance, with MailBluster for sending 100,000 emails monthly will cost you only:

(100000 x $0.0006) = $60

For 1 lakh, you’ll have to pay only $60 in MailBluster, which is way less than Ongage‘s “Starter” package of $399.

In short, you’ll get to send as many emails as you want within the pay-as-you-go pricing policy in MailBluster, and it will cost you way less than Ongage if you don’t plan for high-volume email marketing.

So, as clear as the day is, when it comes to Ongage pricing vs. MailBluster pricing, MailBluster wins as your price-friendly email marketing tool if you don’t plan for high-volume email sending. Hence, I recommend our handy, price-effective MailBluster as your email marketing software. So, without further hesitation, choose MailBluster as an Ongage alternative.  

Go through the following link to learn about MailBluster and Amazon SES pricing combo examples.

Similar features and other facilities

Besides being price-effective, MailBluster also ensures excellent quality and provides essential features for email campaigns. Let’s see what features are similar to Ongage that you’ll also get in MailBluster.

  • Email templates
  • Segmentation
  • Analytics
  • Double opt-in
  • Drag-and-drop email composer
  • A/B testing
  • Real-time tracking and report
  • Automation
  • Forms
  • Leads management

Not only that, MailBluster will provide you these with low price;

  • High deliverability
  • Use of personalized merge tags
  • Leads custom fields
  • Lead importing without re-confirmation
  • Options for mass add, delete, or unsubscribe leads
  • Lead organization by tags
  • Multiple brand users and roles
  • Bounce, complaint, and unsubscribe handling
  • Customized campaign URLs
  • Powerful developer API

Wrap Up

Ongage and MailBluster, both email marketing platforms, are undoubtedly good, and customers should choose the one they see fit. And this blog presents an Ongage pricing vs. MailBluster pricing; it will work as a pricing guide for you in terms of making decisions. The starting price of Ongage is way high. And if you’re looking for Ongage alternatives, that can be your price-friendly qualitative email marketing companion. Then  MailBluster can absolutely be a good solution for you!


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