5 Opt-in Email Marketing Examples and Best Practices That Drive Results

Opt-in email marketing examples

Did you know that for B2B, opt-in email marketing boosts an average open rate of over 36%? That’s nearly double the industry standard for marketing emails. 

If you’re not already leveraging this powerful strategy, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity to engage with your audience.

In this blog, we’ll explore the most compelling opt-in email marketing examples that will help you get ideas to apply to your business.

Let’s dive in.

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What is Opt-in Email Marketing, & Why is it Important? 

What is opt-in email marketing

Opt-in email marketing is a strategy to give your customers something valuable, like a free guide or discount, to potential customers in exchange for their email addresses. It’s a win-win: you build an email list, and they get something useful.

Here, you must offer them a valuable lead magnet for which people will willingly sign up. By opting in, they permit you to send newsletters and updates from you, reducing the risk of spam and spoofing.

For several reasons, opting in to email marketing is very important for your business. 

As prospects sign up willingly, you will get the highest number of open rates, CTR (click-through rates), and conversion rate in this marketing strategy. 

Overall, it ensures high engagement rates in your business. 

5 Best Opt-in Email Marketing Examples

Check out these top opt-in email marketing examples I’ve found. I’m confident you’ll find them just as valuable. Let’s get started. 


Opt-in email marketing example 1

This is an opt-in email marketing form from Fabfitfun. The moment you enter their website, this form pops up with this amazing lead magnet.

It is clearly mentioned that you will get a free mystery bundle if you enter your email address. Also, apparently, note that they will send you marketing emails about products and services. 

This Valentine’s Day special-themed opt-in email marketing form can be customized in MailBluster


Opt-in email marketing example 2

Look at this fruitful opt-in email marketing form and how sophisticatedly BlissWorld showcased the offer and attracted its customers to enter their email addresses with their first names so that they can send personalized emails.

It is apparently a win-win deal. Imagine snagging a fantastic 20% off – now that’s a sweet deal!

So, undoubtedly, you can use this marketing strategy. 

3Search Engine Journal

Opt-in email marketing example 3

Search Engine Journal (SEJ) created a particular webpage for this opt-in email marketing. And it seems like an excellent result-driven page

By asking lots of questions, they’ll send personalized emails to customers, boosting their open rates. 

Before discussing the open rate, they offer a significant lead magnet, a free webinar that will attract many subscribers.


Opt-in email marketing example 4

ThemeWagon, is a template marketplace where premium in-house templates and free templates from other authors are available. These templates span various categories, including business, portfolio, landing pages, and more. Users can download and utilize these responsive and interactive templates to kickstart their web projects.

They have placed an opt-in email form on their homepage, which is a great place to keep this form. 

They have nicely organized their form with new themes and discount updates offered in exchange for email addresses. 

You can use this short and simple form by customizing it in MailBluster


Opt-in email marketing example 5

This is an opt-in form from Spotify that caught my eye. At the very end of their page, they included this form right when you feel like getting into their app. 

This is indeed a perfect placement and strategy to improve the sign-up rate. They have also clearly mentioned that this will contain occasional ads. 

This transparency strategy is fundamental in opt-in email marketing. 

Best Practices of Opt-in Email Marketing

While overseeing the examples, you might be wondering if every single example follows some mutual facts or terms, right? 

Indeed, these practices contribute to successful opt-in email marketing, enhancing its overall effectiveness in strengthening the current marketing strategy. Do you also want to catch up on the best practices to boost your email marketing strategy?

Let’s dive in—

Keep Your Forms Short and Simple

While targeting opt-in email marketing, keep the form or content short and simple. 

Do not scribble the form with unnecessary content. Use engaging content with short and clear messages of what you want and what they’ll get. Make sure the deal is easy to find for customers. 

On the other hand, ask only for the information you need to personalize your emails effectively. Do not ask for too much information in your form; it might make your customers leave before even hitting the submit button.  

This way, you’ll keep your audience engaged and more likely to sign up!

Be Transparent

While approaching opt-in email marketing, be transparent with your message and intentions. Make it clear to the audience why they are signing up and what they will get in return, and you will send them newsletters. 

By doing this, you can decrease the unsubscribe rate.

Offer Valuable Lead Magnet

Offering a valuable lead magnet is one of the best practices in opt-in email marketing. It entices potential subscribers by providing something they find helpful or desirable, such as a free e-book, webinar, or exclusive discount. 

This encourages them to sign up for your emails and establishes goodwill and trust, laying a strong foundation for building a lasting relationship with your audience.

Use Social Proof

Social proof shows your potential subscribers that others trust and value your brand and content. It can help you increase your email list growth, engagement, and conversions.

You can leverage social proof by displaying some real data objects in your opt-in email marketing. The objects are the number of subscribers, customers, or followers you already have in your business. 

Also, you can add customer reviews, ratings, testimonials advertising, or case studies. User-generated content (UGC) that features your brand or products. Social media widgets or buttons that show likes, shares, comments, or followers. Social proof notifications or pop-ups that show real-time activity.

Choose the Right Email Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing is difficult without email service providers. Email marketing software helps you design, send, and manage your email campaigns and measure and optimize their performance. 

Without email marketing software, you would have to do all these tasks manually, which would be time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient. 

Some examples of email marketing software are MailBluster, Brevo, and MailerLite.

Best Opt-in Email Marketing Software

While discussing email service providers, I’ve identified some of the best ones that offer opt-in email marketing services to simplify your marketing efforts. Let’s choose the best—


Price: Free to $5 per month plus pay as you go at $0.60 per 1000 emails on annual billing.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 

MailBluster is an email marketing platform that uses Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to send high-quality marketing emails and newsletters. 

MailBluster allows its users to implement double opt-in for their subscribers. It provides several other features that seamlessly affect users’ email and opt-in marketing pathways. 

Other key features include personalized forms, attractive templates, email campaigns, and integration with other platforms. .  

💡Start Opt-in Email Marketing with MailBluster


Mailchimp is an email marketing software that helps you create and send opt-in emails to your subscribers. 

With Mailchimp, you can design beautiful and responsive email templates, segment your audience based on various criteria, and track and optimize your email campaigns. 

3Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another email marketing platform that helps you build and manage your opt-in email list. 

With Constant Contact, you can create and send attractive and effective email campaigns, segment your audience based on various criteria, and monitor and improve your email performance.


Hubspot is a multi-marketing platform. It provides various features and facilities. It also helps its users with email marketing services. 

Hubspot allows users to use their pre-built email forms and implement Opt-in email marketing to boost their conversion rate. 


Brevo (Formerly called SendInBlue) is an email service provider that helps users create and develop opt-in email lists. 

You can set up a double opt-in in Brevo to verify if your leads sign up intentionally. Besides, double Opt-in Brevo allows you to use their unique opt-in forms and newsletter template. 

According to your assumption, choose the right email marketing tool for your business. But in my opinion, the top pick is MailBluster, offering a secure service at comparably reasonable price. 

FAQs on Opt-in Email Marketing Examples

Let’s take a quick look at the immediate questions that come to mind, 

1What is Opt-out Email Marketing?

Opt-out email marketing is a marketing approach.

It allows recipients to easily unsubscribe from receiving newsletters or marketing emails, allowing them to opt out of further communications. 

2What is Implicit Opt-in?

When a customer fills out an opt-in form without explicit consent to receive any marketing emails, it is implicit opt-in.

3What is an Opt-in Email List?

An opt-in email list is a group of email addresses and details of people who willingly choose to sign up for marketing emails. 

4How Do I Know if My Current List is an Opt-in List or Not?

If your customers willingly subscribed or checked the box to receive your newsletter or marketing emails, that’s your opt-in email list. 

5What is the Best Location to Place an Opt-in Form?

There are many places to set your opt-in form. 

Potential locations to place an opt-in form are the homepage, above-the-fold section of product pages, in the footer, and in pop-ups. 

Additionally, emphasizing the A/B testing may help you find the best place on your business website. 

6What is Single Opt-in Email?

Single opt-in email is when a user subscribes to an email list without requiring further confirmation.

7What is Double Opt-in Email?

Double opt-in is a process where, after you subscribe to an email or newsletter, you receive an email asking you to confirm that you really want to join.

💡Single vs. Double Opt-In: Which One is Better to Follow 

Gateway to Expanded Reach

Opt-in email marketing isn’t just about getting emails; it’s about connecting with your audience. It’s a powerful way to reach more people and increase sales.  

Whether a small business or a marketer, it’s your ticket to reaching more customers. Implement ideas from these opt-in email marketing examples now and see your audience and sales grow. 

Share your thoughts below!


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