Choose Valentine’s Day Email Template to Send Your Love

Choose MailBluster's Valentine's Day Email Template to Send Your Love

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and we’re here to make this lovely marketing opportunity smooth for you with our MailBluster’s Valentine’s Day email templates. So now is the perfect moment! Perfect moment for what? For expressing and sending your love to your precious customers with amazing deals and offers or even a Happy Valentine’s note.

In this blog, I will guide you in choosing effective Valentine’s Day email templates by thoroughly discussing how you can use them and utilize this special day as a great marketing opportunity.

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Why Go for Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns?

Before introducing you to our Valentine’s Day email templates, you need to convince yourself why you must take this special day of love seriously and include it in your marketing strategy. You see, February 14th is a celebration for marketers as well as lovers. While couples celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts and personal dinners, businesses treble their email volume and generate billions in revenue.

Valentine’s Day marketing statistics.

For instance, Americans are expected to spend $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day, in 2024, which is a huge amount! Marketers worldwide will indeed utilize this as a marketing approach to boost their sales. So, how can you do nothing when your rivals seize the opportunity and drive sales? You simply cannot, right?

You must recognize email marketing here as it is one of the best marketing strategies, as the ROI (return on investment) tends to fall in $36-$45 for every $1 spent in email marketing! Not only that, about 79% of the US millennials said they prefer receiving emails from brands, and 57% of Generation Z also agreed. Hence, you have to run some amazing Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns. Let’s take proper preparation to nail this loving event as an email marketing opportunity. 

MailBluster’s Valentine’s Day Email Templates

For this Valentine’s Day event, MailBluster has created some gorgeous and lovely Valentine’s Day email templates, so you don’t have to craft them from scratch!  

So, without further ado, let’s go through these email templates for better-utilizing ideas.

email template 1

If you want to send your customers gift cards, then this pinkish glam-themed Valentine’s Day email template will suit you. However, you can also customize it as you see fit.

MailBluster’s Valentine’s Day email template on perfect gift card.
Key features:
  • Start with attaching your brand logo. Below it, you have options to add more navigation links.
  • Then, write the heading. You can also go with the given one if you like. And put the CTA (call to action) “Start shopping” button underneath it.
  • The wrapped red ribbon in this email template gives a perfect “gifting” vibe; below it, briefly write your Valentine’s message.
  • Later, the template consists of two CTAs for further shopping options. Do customize it by adding your preferred products there.
  • The email footer consists of your brand’s logo, business contact details, social media handles, the reasoning behind receiving this email. And the footer ends by adding unsubscribe link and other user navigation options. 
  • End the email by following the footer section accordingly.

Email template 2

The following email template is better suited for restaurant businesses. But you can customize it in your way, too.

Valentine’s Day email template for the restaurant businesses.
Key features:
  • Start with adding the brand logo at the top of the email and then write the heading.
  • Provide a suitable image in the email. Set a product picture, and beside it, write brief details along with putting a CTA “ Buy now” button.
  • Write another heading about displaying more of your products. 
  • You can show six products there with brief details and price range.
  • In the ending part, the template has a red Valentine-themed image and a “Happy Valentine’s Day” wish.
  • The email footer part brings your brand’s logo, business contact details, social handles, unsubscribe link, and other navigation links.
  • You must provide an unsubscribe link to keep your unsubscribe rate healthy. And enclose the Valentine’s email by completing the footer section.

Email template 3

This Valentine’s email template is suitable for cosmetics and beauty brands. However, you can customize it according to your brand, too.

Valentine's day email template for cosmetic beauty brand.
Key features:
  • Put your brand logo at the top.
  • Then go with the given heading or write your own way; below it, write a brief message.
  • Put a CTA “Start shopping” button underneath it; provide a suitable image.
  • In the latter part, you can display and write about your great deals with suitable CTAs to buy them.
  • After that, you can present three of your product categories with a CTA “View all” button to see more.
  • The email footer section starts with a wish, “Enjoy your shopping!” and other necessary parts. Simply end the email by following the given footer section.

Email template 4

This Valentine’s Day email template is perfect for cafe businesses. But you can obviously customize it as you prefer.

Valentine’s Day email template for cafe businesses.
Key features:
  • In this email template, also start with putting the brand logo at the top. After that, comes the heading and suitable image. You can go for it as it is or customize your own way.
  • Then comes another heading part, and write your short Valentine’s Day marketing messages below it. Provide a catchy CTA “Share the love” button to it.
  • Then show and talk about your Valentine’s Day offer, product images, and suitable CTAs so the consumers can order/purchase those.
  • After that comes another section for “Delicious Valentine’s Offer.” Here, you can present your most special offers or something that seems premium.
  • Provide product images and put proper CTA buttons.
  • Enclose the email by following the given email footer section.

Email template 5

The following Valentine’s Day email template provides a pinkish romantic vibe and mostly suits the bakery and pastry shops. If you own a different business, then no worries. You can customize it as per your brand.

MailBluster’s Valentine’s Day email template for bakery and pastry shops.
Key features:
  • This email template starts with wishing “Happy Valentine’s Day.”
  • The heading is a “last chance” reminder to receive the gift card. And underneath it you can write your message.
  • Then, display four of your product images.
  • Also, provide the product details briefly.
  • Later, display your gift voucher or offers/deals and write briefly about them.
  • Also, put a CTA “Get now” button.
  • Finally, end the email by completing the given footer section.

Email template 6

The final Valentine’s Day email template suits stuffed animal toy shops perfectly. But you can customize it according to your brand, too.

MailBluster’s Valentine’s Day email template for stuffed animal toy shops.
Key features:
  • Start by putting your brand logo at the top and provide other navigation links/options.
  • Write the heading or go with the given one in the template.
  • Put a suitable image in the email and write your Valentine’s message below it. 
  • Also, attach a CTA “Start shopping” button.
  • In the latter part, display your best-seller items, each with their name, price, and CTA buttons to make the purchase.
  • Finally, enclose the email by following the given footer section of this template.

How to Write a Valentine’s Letter?

Moving on to some facts and tips on writing an effective Valentine’s letter/email. So, what are the basic facts you need to remember to make the Valentine’s Day email campaign error-free? Let’s learn!

How do you say Happy Valentine’s Day in an email?

A good greeting is really important to make it engaging. Before starting the writeups for your Valentine’s email, you might be confused about how to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your consumers. Or, you might wonder how to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” professionally. Well, don’t worry. I’ve got your back! 

Use these greeting/opening lines to wish your readers Valentine’s Day!

  • “Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, (customer name)!
  • “Happy Valentine’s! “(company name) sends you warm wishes on this special day.”
  • “It’s Valentine’s Day!”
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, thank you for choosing us!”
  • “(Company name) wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!”
What is the correct way to write Valentine’s Day?

Some people struggle with the correct way to write for this day. Some people have questions like, “Does Happy Valentine’s Day have an apostrophe?” The answer is, yes. People often make mistakes by writing “Valentines,” which is incorrect. You need to be careful with apostrophes here. Yes, the correct way of writing it is “Valentine’s Day.” Just be careful to include the apostrophe mark appropriately.

Catchy Valentine’s Day email subject lines

Email subject lines are vital in any email marketing campaign. Your email open rates depend so much on it. Therefore, you have to make catchy email subject lines so your recipients find it interesting to open and read. 

Here are some Valentine’s Day subject line ideas just for you!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Something special for your Valentine’s 
  • Show Your Love With These Gifts
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Xoxo
  • Feel the love this Valentine’s
  • Gift Ideas for your Sweetheart/beloved on Valentine’s Day
  • You’ll L-O-V-E This Sale
  • How Much Do We Love Our Customers? 40% Off! That’s How Much!
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, All the Items are 30% off, Just for You!
  • Fall In Love with 30% Off!
  • Love Free Shipping? Order Before Valentine’s Day!
  • Free Shipping Until February 14! Hurry up!
  • Cupid Made Us Do It: Free Shipping For Everyone! 
  • What’s better than chocolates and roses? Free shipping! 
  • Get Your Valentine’s Day Gifts Shipped Free!
  • Free Shipping for Valentine’s Day Ends Tonight!
  • Last Chance to Get Your Valentine’s Day Gifts On Time!
  • Plenty of Gifts to Show Your Love!
  • Up to 50% Off Valentine’s Gifts!
  • In Celebration of Self-Love!
  • Gifts They’ll Fall In Love With!
  • You’re Our Valentine!
  • Your Valentine’s Day Gift Is Inside!
  • Give them their heart’s desire!
  • Where’s the love? In our Valentine’s Shop!
When to send mail for them to receive it by Valentine’s Day?

Wondering when to send mail for your leads to receive it by Valentine’s Day? Well, you can send your Valentine’s Day email a day before Valentine’s Day, or you can send it on the very Valentine’s Day. For instance, you can schedule your Valentine’s Day emails to be sent at 12:00 am on 14th February so your recipients can see them on the D day. This way, the Valentine’s email campaigns will seem more relevant as they’ll see the Valentine’s Day email on the exact day.

Wrap Up

Valentine’s Day is a special day to spread love and isn’t limited to couples only. Instead, it is celebrated by all. So, show your lovely clients how much you love them and use this day to boost your sales. Throughout this blog, I have discussed our handy and price-friendly email marketing platform, MailBluster’s amazing Valentine’s Day email templates, along with some effective writing tips! Use these ideas while crafting them for a hassle-free experience.


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