Get to Know Us

Our Mission is to enable you to send the highest quality marketing emails and newsletters with the lowest possible cost.

In early 2015 we crossed the 100,000 subscribers landmark in ThemeWagon – one of our startups and needed a more affordable solution to send newsletters without compromising the quality of sending. We made an MVP and blasted a couple of millions emails with 99.8% successful delivery. By that time, ThemeWagon was saving over $2,150/month on email marketing software subscription fees and we decided to share the honey with the world by creating MailBluster!

At our core, we believe in excellence. We celebrate small wins and grine wide on big mistakes – learn from them and give our best everyday to make our product a bit more refined, a bit more — excellent!

And we love to hear from you — comments, criticisms, suggestions, bugs or hate speeches(!) you’re welcome to shoot us an email at [email protected]