Security Disclosure Acknowledgements

MailBluster wishes to thank the following Security Researchers who have participated in our Vulnerability Disclosure Programme:




Muzammil SaleemFailure to invalidate session on Password ChangeJune 2, 2023

Information for reporters

We are in the process of updating this page with information about reporters. Should you have reported a vulnerability that we have recognized, but your details are not yet displayed on this page and you desire for them to be, kindly contact us at [email protected]. Please ensure to provide evidence to support your claim, along with your name, and a link to your social media profile should you wish for it to be displayed on this page.

MailBluster will only publish researchers’ personal information and social media profile links online with their consent. Researchers can withdraw this consent anytime by contacting [email protected]. More details about how MailBluster handles personal data and the associated rights under data protection law can be found in the MailBluster’s privacy policy.

Kindly be informed that we only publish links to LinkedIn, X(Twitter), Facebook, and HackerOne profiles of the security researchers, linking to other types of websites is not permitted. Links to other social media platforms will be evaluated and potentially considered upon request.