A Confirmation Email can Boost Customer Experience

Confirmation Email

Sending confirmation emails is one aspect of marketing, but it is not just about marketing. Instead, it is imperative to maintain a good customer experience. Poor customer experiences are always harmful to any business. It is an alarming issue for any online-based business. To minimize it, a marketer should consider sending a confirmation email. A wise marketing approach is to make your customers understand that you care about every step they take on your website. Indeed, it creates a positive brand image. And sending confirmation emails is one of the most effective ways to build a better customer relationship and improve customer retention.

What is a confirmation email?

A confirmation email is sent to a customer after they complete a specific action by meeting a particular condition. The conditions are: when customers take any actions, such as – booking a ticket on a website, ordering something in an e-store, subscribing to a newsletter, or registering for an event. The company can send it to their inbox whenever a customer completes these actions.

How many people consider a confirmation email

So the primary intention of sending this sort of email is:

  • To ensure that the customer agrees to the terms and conditions regarding purchasing, registration, or booking.
  • To let the customer know that the company will send them marketing emails in the future.

Types of confirmation emails

There are four different types of confirmation emails. All of them have the same purpose as mentioned above. But they are used on different categories of websites. Here is a brief overview of these four different types:

Order confirmation email

Order confirmation emails are sent to customers when they order on any e-commerce website. By sending this, the company assures their customer that they have accepted the order that the customer placed. On the other hand, the customer gets this type of email to re-check their order details to see whether they have ordered the right products. Then they confirm their online purchase.

Example of an order confirmation email template by Amazon
An example of an order confirmation email template. Source: Amazon

Booking confirmation email

The company sends a booking confirmation email when a customer makes an online booking. By sending it, the company displays all the booking information clearly in front of the customer. So that the customer can re-check all the details at a glance. There are several types of booking confirmation emails, such as ticket booking, travel-trip or tour booking, hotel room booking, restaurant table booking, etc.

Example of a booking confirmation email template by booking.com
An example of a booking confirmation email template. Source: Booking.com

Registration confirmation email

The registration confirmation email is sent to users when they complete the registration process to get a service on a website. This type of email will help users learn about the terms and conditions of their registration. But, the company must mention the opt-out (unsubscribe) option in the email template to keep the registration process legitimate.

Example of a registration confirmation email template by FindThisBest
An example of a registration confirmation email template. Source: FindThisBest

Subscription confirmation email

The company sends a subscription confirmation email when the users complete the sign-up process. The company mostly used this type of email to get customer permission before sending promotional newsletters after a customer subscribed to their service. The double opt-in process is the most commonly used technique for collecting leads’ information through the subscription confirmation email. When the subscriber confirms the subscription, the company sends them promotional campaigns accordingly. However, the customer can willingly unsubscribe from the promotional email whenever they want.

Example of a double opt-in subscription confirmation email template by Emarsys
An example of a double opt-in subscription confirmation email template. Source: Emarsys

Aside from the above four types, companies send one more such kind of email when their customers ask for an opt-out (unsubscribe) from their service, which is as below:

Example of an unsubscribe confirmation email template by Atlas Obscura
An example of an unsubscribe confirmation email template. Source: Atlas Obscura

Why would you consider this confirmation approach?

First of all, the confirmation email notifies the customer after completing a specific action. Also, by sending it, a company can ask permission before sending newsletters to its customers. For example, whenever a customer signs up to take a service from a company’s website, the customer will get this type of email. Additionally, the company can ask permission to send promotional emails after signing up. Thus, the company receives customer approval legally. Indeed, the confirmation stage can help build trust between the customer and the marketer.

On the other hand, a confirmation email significantly increases the chance of a click-through rate (CTR). According to Aviva Pinchas in CXL, the confirmation emails have average click-through rates (CTR) of 12 to 20%. That is almost five times as frequently as mass mailings. Therefore, it clearly describes that the acceptance of confirmation emails among customers is quite noticeable.


A confirmation email significantly reduces customers’ post-purchase tension and enhances the customer experience. When customers automatically get it after taking a specific action, they might subconsciously think they are getting it from a human. However, it is an automated process. But this scenario can make the email receiver feel like they are getting special attention from that company. Therefore, it will positively impact their future purchase decisions.

In a nutshell, the importance of using confirmation emails is undoubtedly noticeable. We MailBluster highly encourage using the double opt-in process for subscription confirmation emails. And anyone can also use our automation feature to enhance their confirmation emailing approaches.


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