B2B Email Marketing: A Necessary Approach for B2B Marketers

B2B Email Marketing

A business organization does not only connect with individuals for promotional purposes. Instead, a business organization also connects with another business to develop an excellent business-to-business (B2B) relationship. B2B email marketing is one of the must-follow approaches to starting and maintaining a business connection with other organizations effectively. The B2B email marketing strategy allows an organization to connect digitally and quickly with other businesses.

What is B2B email marketing?

First, B2B (business-to-business) marketing means following a marketing strategy by one business to connect and sell products or services to other business organizations. But when the ’email’ term adds to the B2B marketing approach, the promotional process occurs digitally. B2B email marketing is when a business organization sends email campaigns to promote or sell its product or service to other organizations. 

Current scenario of B2B email marketing

Nowadays, email marketing is the most powerful way of marketing a solution. Therefore, the B2B email marketing approach is widely prevalent among organizations. Not every business offers its products or services to individual consumers; some also sell to other organizations. For example, Slack is a messaging service for business purposes, and the company only targets the company or organization. 

However, according to CMI’s 13th annual B2B Content Marketing research, 69% of B2B marketers used email channels for distributing their content. On the other hand, 75% of B2B organizations used email marketing software to assist their content marketing purposes.

These data indicate that the use ratio of email as a communication channel is significantly increased among B2B marketers.

Knowing the difference between B2B and B2C

You should know the critical difference between B2B and B2C email marketing approaches as an email marketer. Knowing the difference is crucial if your target market is both business organizations and individual people. The difference is as below. –

Target audienceBusiness clients, organizationsIndividual customers
Target market typeFocused and niche target marketsLarge target markets
Focus onLead generation and relationship buildingBrand awareness building
Buying processLonger or even with multiple stepsSimple and in a single step, mostly
Risk levelRelatively highRelatively low
Transaction cycle periodLong selling cycleShort selling cycle
Promotional media usesOptionalEssential
Social media marketingAs many channels as possibleSelected (Linkedin. Twitter, Facebook)
Ultimate goalTo build trust, credibility, and business relationship and sell product or services to the target audienceTo sell products or services toward individual customers only
ExampleBusiness software, infrastructure, industrial equipment, etc.FMCG, car, bike, etc.

The best strategy for B2B email marketing

To reach the target audience, any B2B organization has to follow some strategies. To do so, following the “Buyer’s journey model” is the best decision. You have to draw the model from the B2B business perspective. The model has three stages under the “Buyer’s journey funnel.” The stages are – Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

B2B Buyer's journey model
B2B buyer’s journey model

The B2B buyer’s journey model describes the process of how may your business leads will go through the three different stages and become your loyal clients. You can understand how each of the three stages can affect your buyer’s (client’s) journey. And the model also assists you in understanding what strategy you have to take in each of the three stages. Here are the three stages of the B2B Buyer’s Journey –

Awareness stage

The awareness stage is the first stage of the buyer’s journey funnel. In this stage, you have to determine your brand positioning. Following that, you need to create a positive brand image in front of your target clients. In B2B email marketing, your target audience is your business leads who may be interested in your provided solution. After organically collecting your leads’ email addresses, you can send a welcome email to them. You may add your website, social media page, or blog link in the welcome email to measure the click-through rate (CTR). But make sure that in this stage, you must create a positive brand image in your lead’s mind through your welcome email.

Tips: Including “social proof” on your website or social media page significantly increases the response rate of your targeted business clients.

Consideration stage

You must identify and segment your targeted business clients in this consideration stage. After connecting with all your business leads through the welcome email, you have to determine who is your potential and actual business client. You can reach this decision after measuring the CTR of your welcome email. After measuring, you should segment your final business email list. The segmentation process will help you create the brand persona for your targeted clients. Thus, you may start nurturing your targeted leads and encourage them to fulfill your goal.

Note: Measuring CTR instead of open rate is much more effective because of recent changes to Apple Mail Privacy Protection Policy.

Decision stage

The decision stage is the last and most vital in the buyer’s funnel. It is also called the conversion stage. Because your ultimate objective is to determine how many of your leads respond to your goal. For example, suppose a marketer sells electronic gadgets and accessories online. Their ultimate goal is to sell the product following different strategies. 

So, to accomplish your goal, you will send the email campaign to your segmented leads. And your primary intention will be to convert your business leads into your clients. That is how the decision stage works.

Tips: A/B testing will be the best method to test your one email campaign in two versions before sending it on a large scale. It will improve your email conversion rate when you pick the most accepted form of your selected email campaign.

B2B email marketing best practices

If you have come this far, it’s time to know the best B2B email marketing practices. You should follow some tips to boost your overall B2B email marketing strategy. Here are five best practices regarding B2B email marketing that you must follow. –

1Build business email lists organically

Before starting your B2B email marketing campaign, you must build your business email list organically. You are already aware that your B2B email marketing journey will begin by sending a welcome email. But in your welcome email, you must ask for permission before using their email address for further emailing. You must use the double opt-in method to grow your email list organically. Getting confirmation from your audience before sending the B2B promotion email is always a wise approach. However, always avoid purchasing email lists from third parties to build B2B or B2C email lists.

2Write an enticing subject line

Hopefully, you are ready to send your email campaign to your business leads. Here, the email subject line is the first portion of an email that the email receiver reads. Therefore make your subject short, simple, and eye-catching. You may check out this article to get some ideas regarding a good subject line. However, there is one more thing that is essential to consider. Many smartphone users will open your email through their small devices. So, when it comes to mobile-friendly email, you must use the pre-header text. The pre-header text comes right after the email subject line. However, relative emojis with a good subject line can increase the email response rate.

3Send personalized emails with segmentation

Before sending personalized-based emails to your business list, you must collect the audience’s demographic segmented data. But in terms of B2B email, there is a slight difference. Here you can demographically segment the target organizations according to location, ownership, sales volume, number of employees, etc. The segmentation will help you to create a brand persona. The brand persona will help you send personal-based emails to segmented organizations. However, MailBluster has three different segment-wise email sending features, which mainly reduce the users’ workload. The most important fact is you should keep your conversion tone humanly in your B2B email campaigns.

4Keep responsive email design

Sending email campaigns to computer users is a straightforward process. But when it comes to mobile responsive email, it is a bit tactical. However, Statista estimated that, in 2025, 376.4 billion emails would be sent and received daily. Because the number of daily emails sent and received has been increasing since 2017. These data indicate that people use mobile devices to open most emails. Therefore, you must follow some essential tips to make your email mobile and user-friendly.

5An “Email marketing tool” can be your best support

A mandatory task is to measure all your email KPIs after running a B2B email campaign. All the vital indicators of KPIs will indicate whether your B2B email campaign is successful or not. Measuring email KPIs is not rocket science. But it is indeed time-consuming. Therefore, it is better to use the MailBluster tool or any other email marketing tool to get some help. There are many email marketing tools on the market. No matter what you choose, you must select a cost-efficient and popular one. MailBluster provides a detailed dashboard and report after sending a bulk email campaign. There you will find all your results regarding email KPIs.


In the early times, doing commerce and trade was very simple but time-consuming at the same time. In contrast, today’s digital world gifted e-commerce, which is easy and fast. Therefore to boost e-commerce, companies are focusing on B2B email marketing approaches. Besides, communication between two business entities has become more straightforward in this digital era. So B2B email marketing is undoubtedly the most effective strategy for any organization to build a fast business relationship.

Indeed, many B2B email marketers, at the beginning of their marketing career, do not understand the basic strategy of B2B email marketing. The term “B2B marketing” is broad. But this entire blog can now help you to know the best approach and the must-follow tips for B2B email marketing.


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