Email Blast: Could It Go In The Wrong Way?



Email blast is an effective way to inform a large number of people about your company’s services or products. However, it has a few strategies that must be followed correctly in order to achieve the desired result. Otherwise, your email blasting might turn in the wrong direction. So, let’s see if you’re doing it correctly!

There should be a well-segmented email list, as well as other options such as personalization of email messages. And not just sending bulk emails filled with unnecessary talks. Because that would make a dull and unattractive appearance to the people you’re hoping to be at your service. If you’ve been email-blasting people without following a proper method and just sending out unorganized emails to people. And wondering why it isn’t working out for you. Whereas it’s working out just fine for so many other business owners, then you’re on the right page. Let’s thoroughly examine what could possibly go wrong while email blasting and the things we need to be cautious about.

Key points of this discussion:

What Is Email Blast?

Methods of Email Blast

Things To Be Cautious With

What Is Email Blast?

Definition of email blast

“Email blast” can be defined as the process of simultaneously sending a single email message to a large number of people. It’s another similar term is “e-blast.” For example, a particular brand’s owner sends a marketing email about cosmetics to all of their email subscribers or potential clients; here, that owner is email blasting. 


It falls under email marketing strategy and an old marketing medium that is still effective if done correctly. It is estimated that 319.6 billion emails are sent and received daily throughout the world, and this figure is projected to be increased to 376.4 billion emails on a daily basis by the year 2025. Also, according to Statista, 79% of U.S. consumers stated they prefer to be contacted by brands via email. So it’s quite effective at targeting and gathering clients and customers than other marketing platforms.

Another Statista survey states that globally the email marketing platform was valued at 7.5 billion U.S. dollars, and the source has also projected that the figure would increase up to 17.9 billion by the year 2027. So, it is true that email marketing performs the best! Also, email marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI) among all other marketing strategies. It shows that a company can expect around $40 in revenue for every  $1 they spent, isn’t that just excellent?

Email Marketing Statistics.
Email Marketing Statistics

Methods of Email Blast

Though by definition, it seems to be just sending out bulk emails, more things need to be done for this strategy to work out. Hence, it has two methods based on how people use this approach; we can name them as the improper and proper ones.

Improper email blast method

The ‘improper’ or the wrong one is unsuitable and used without following any strategy. This one is done without segmentation, targeting, and personalization of audiences, along with other necessary aspects. This method includes buying email list, which isn’t really good for your email campaign as it can increase your email bounce rate. Undoubtedly, the ‘improper’ method isn’t a wise move to choose, and it’s unlikely to be successful, so you need to be very careful about it. 

Proper email blast method

The ‘proper’ or the right one is suitable and used by following strategies that include segmentation, targeting, and personalization of audiences and other necessary features. Unlike the improper one, it is more likely to be successful, and it’s indeed one of the new best practices in email marketing. You don’t even have to do it on your own; instead, you can do it via email marketing tools like MailBluster, as they provide the necessary features that the user needs for proper email blasting. 

Things To Be Cautious With

You need to be cautious with email blasting and avoid going for the “improper” move. This is because it has no strategy, as mentioned before; it’s simply just sending unsolicited bulk emails.

Segment your emails

Segmenting your emails means dividing your target audiences into segments or groups according to similar preferences, age, gender, geo-location, behavioral characteristics, etc. As mentioned briefly, in improper method, there’s no segmentation, no targeting, and no personalization of audiences in the emails. There’s no personalization even in the subject line, which makes the receiver not even bother opening the email. Hence, as you can’t find out your subscriber’s interests and disinterests, you also don’t get to know who willingly wants to remain subscribed and who doesn’t. 

Plus, the lack of a segmentation process would hit your marketing path pretty hard, as you’d end up with poor email lists, resulting in a lower open rate. On the contrary, according to Snovio, segmented email campaigns get a higher rate, increasing by 39% in revenue. Not only that, the stunning fact is these segmented and personalized emails acquire 58% of revenue. Therefore, you really need to be concerned and include this feature in your email blasting.

Don’t be a “Spammer”

Additionally, unsolicited and poorly tailored emails might end up blacklisted and land in the spam folder. This most likely happens due to following the improper method. And the recipients hardly go through “Spammed” emails. Due to this, the sender might appear as an ‘annoying spammer‘ to the readers, which would be pretty pathetic and sad! So you need to make sure your emails are relevant to your audience’s interests.

Include an “Unsubscribe” link

The inclusion of an “unsubscribe” link in the email is essential for those who dislike spam stuff and wish to unsubscribe from their email list. It might make a negative impression if they find difficulties with it. Don’t you think it’s always better to be with those who want your emails willingly? Otherwise, people will feel like you’re forcefully blasting them with your emails. So, it’s always better to attach your email with an unsubscribe URL. You rather focus on the quality of your emails more, so the readers would happily remain subscribed!

Write well-organized email

Moreover, how you organize the emails matters to your audience too. Ever wondered why people are ignoring your emails? Perhaps you’re sending out some poorly written emails? If you’re doing so, then it’s one of the main reasons for the ignorance of your emails, which can end you up with unsuccessful email blasts. 

you should write your product-oriented messages in a very good manner. From addressing your audience to the end of your message, you should maintain a polite, gentle tone so that your email would be able to grab readers’ attention and engage them pretty well. You also need to focus on the visual aspects of your emails. The design and size of your email matter too. If your email looks lousy with so much unnecessary information and isn’t concisely to the point then your customers and subscribers would hardly read it.

Make your emails mobile-friendly

Also, the vast portion of the population uses mobile devices for communication and information sharing purposes, and that includes going through emails too. So, your emails need to be mobile-friendly. If your emails aren’t optimized for mobile phone devices and have a confusing design, then it’s obvious- it will never please the subscribers at all.

The rising mobile phone users demand mobile-optimized email templates. 81% of the users prefer to read their emails on their smartphones and tablets. The receivers tend to avoid those email templates which are unsynchronized with the mobile screen ratio.  If your audience opens your email on their phone and finds it uneasy to read with difficulties like not zooming properly, unresponsive scrolling, etc., then there’s no doubt they will ignore your emails. So you need to be cautious about this matter, too.

Don’t oversend emails

You should refrain from over-sending emails to your clients and customers. Don’t over-send emails, and don’t try to push your sales. Rather, try to pull it instead. Some business services oversend emails to their audiences, thinking it would benefit their business. But if you do so, instead, your audience might get irritated by seeing your emails too much; ever think of it? It wouldn’t leave a positive impact on your business. There’s a saying: “Too much of anything is good for nothing”; excessive amounts of something can have negative impacts, so always try to remember it.

Simply put, you need to practice email blasting by keeping in mind these strategies and being careful about these important facts so that you don’t get low open rates and unsuccessful engagement with your customers. If you want your email blast to work perfectly, then focus on doing it in the right way.

How to Create An Email Campaign?

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Email blast holds an essential place in the email marketing field and has both suitable and unsuitable methods. And the unsuitable one is the reason that would more likely take you in the wrong direction in the field of email marketing. Especially this should be used with better segmentation, targeting, and personalization features, which you can get from a cost-effective email marketing platform like MailBluster; that’s here to help your journey in email marketing easier than you anticipated.

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