Christmas and New Year Email: Crafting Tips and Examples

Christmas and New Year email: Crafting Tips and Examples

Soon, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming; hence, I’m here to help you with your Christmas and New Year email marketing campaigns. It’s the holiday season! Let’s get ready to make your holiday email marketing successful.

In this blog, I will discuss the essential marketing strategies for Christmas and New Year email campaigns. You will go through some effective crafting tips and email examples for better ideas.

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Christmas and New Year email Crafting Tips

Let’s go through some essential killer tips to craft Christmas emails and New Year emails!

Write a catchy and engaging email subject line

Start with brainstorming for catchy and engaging holiday email subject lines. A compelling subject line may increase the likelihood of the receiver opening the email. 47% of email receivers decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line. Furthermore, 33% of email recipients read emails because of catchy email subject lines. So, write your Christmas and New Year email’s subject lines in a compelling and engaging way. Make sure it conveys the Christmas and New Year vibe.

Include proper greetings

Each email begins with a greeting, where you address your recipient individually. You must greet your audiences properly, especially according to their age and gender.

Write good opening lines

After the greetings, you need to focus on the email opening lines. The email opening lines are crucial for three essential things: setting the tone of your email, making an excellent first impression, and grabbing recipients’ attention.

Personalize your email

Send personalized emails to your audiences. Consumers prefer content that is relevant to them. Therefore, be careful to stay relevant while writing the emails.

Make it well-organized

You need to make your email well-organized. From the moment you address your audience until the end of your email, you should keep a polite, gentle tone so that your email captures readers’ attention and engages them effectively. Organize the parts of the email, heading, body, and email footer suitably so that the email looks good and is easy to read.

Keep the email copy straight and short

Your email’s style and size matter, too. If your email is cluttered with needless material and isn’t brief, your customers and subscribers are unlikely to read it. Hence, keep your email copy simple, short, and straight to the point.

Make a suitable theme

As you craft holiday emails, ensure they deliver a suitable holiday vibe. Set a standard Christmas and New Year theme and prepare your holiday email according to that.

Work on design and layout

After setting a theme, work on the design and layout of the holiday email. Consider combining the following components into your Christmas email to make it visually appealing;

Use festive colors to set the mood; use typical Christmas/holiday colors such as red, green, blue, gold, white, and silver. Email marketing platforms, including our MailBluster, have holiday-themed themes; you can use them if you don’t want to start from scratch. Such holiday email templates can help you easily create a clean and festive appearance.

Use graphics in email

You can improve the visual attractiveness of your email by including photographs and other design elements. Include images or festive illustrations to make your email more appealing. So, don’t forget to add email images/gifs/videos suitably. It will make your audience more engaged and improve how your product is advertised.

Show appreciation and well wishes

Give the recipient your sincere appreciation for their friendship or support over the year. After that, send your best wishes for a joyous holiday and a Happy New Year. 

You can express it by writing:

  • “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!”
  • “We sincerely appreciate your friendship and support this year.”
  • “Happy holiday! Thank you for being with us!”
  • “Happy New Year! Thank you for being with us!”
  • “May your holiday be filled with happiness and joy!”
  • “We’re so grateful for your friendship and support throughout the year.”
  • “May your heart and home be filled with the magic and wonder of this season.”
  • “Wishing you all the happiness in this holiday season!”
Enclose the email with sincerity 

Enclose your email with sincerity. For example, use festive expressions like:

  • “Best Wishes,”
  • “Warmest Wishes,”
  • “With love and joy,”
  • “With warm regards,”
  • “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,”
Give offers

Christmas-New Year and the days around it – usually one day before and one day after – are ideal for great deals. Send out the greatest deals and offers through email, engage individuals with other advantages, and make this day remarkable.

When to Send Holiday Emails?

You should send your holiday emails early, at least one day before the event date. Individuals send Christmas and New Year’s emails at the same time as the holiday of the same name. While sending it close to New Year’s Day is vital to avoid interfering with other significant holiday advertising, consider sending the Christmas and New Year emails at least a couple of days before New Year’s Eve. As a result, customers will have more time to respond to your call to action.

Christmas and New Year Email Examples

For better ideas, let’s go over some effective examples for Christmas and New Year email templates.

Email example 1

The following holiday email template simply wishes the readers all the best in the New Year, a merry Christmas, and happy holidays. The email image perfectly suits the holiday vibe and catches the reader’s attention. You need to include this type of holiday-wishing content as a part of your Christmas email and New Year email campaigns. Such wishful emails will surely spread positive joy among your recipients.

Christmas and New Year Email Example 1

Example 2

This Christmas email template from Pajamagram has a bluish-color theme, giving a wintery Christmas holiday vibe. The headline announces the extended Christmas offer, followed by a CTA (call to action) button.

Christmas and New Year Email Example 2

Example 3

The next one is a very simple one, set with white color. PureWow shares “20 extra-special Christmas Morning Breakfast Recipes” with their recipient, followed by a CTA button. The delicious food image in the email surely catches its readers’ interest!

Christmas email template example.

Example 4

Allbirds starts with the heading “Give cozy, get creative,” recommending to gift their shoes in the holiday season. The image of the wrapped-up gift box in the email suits the theme. The CTA button is labeled suitably, too. Also, look at how appealing the message is to convince customers to purchase their products.

Christmas email example 4

Example 5

This holiday email is from Ralph Lauren. It’s a very simple email intended to give “warmest wishes” to their recipients. A well-organized email with wishes like this will undoubtedly have positive remarks among the audience.

Holiday email example

Example 6

The following New Year email example is from Tock. They are simply recommending their service for making “delicious plans” for “the final night” of the year, followed by a CTA “book now” button.

New year eave email example

Example 7

Suitness sent this New Year email to their subscribers, wishing them “Happy New Year.” You can go for a similar “New Year” picture like this one to capture the New Year vibe. Plus, it gives a brief overview of the subscriber, like when they joined and how they joined. It’s an interesting content that you can follow, too!

Happy new year email example

Example 8

Nutriseed sent this New Year email with a motivating and freshen-up slogan: “New year, new you.” This New Year email template is focused on giving offers. They have displayed their offer, coupon code, and CTA in a well-cleared and easy-to-follow manner. Also, they enclosed the email with gratitude and the necessary brand details.

New year email template

Example 9

The Body Shop uniquely planned this New Year email. They started with a captivating heading and then wished “Happy New Year,” followed by a message and CTA that presented the yearly review. They also clearly displayed their New Year offer in the email with another CTA “shop now” button.

New year email example from the body shop

Example 10

Home Chef sent the following New Year email with the heading, “New Year, New Deal.” The email content is intended to present their New Year deals to consumers. The image, the message, and the CTA button to get the deal are well-organized. You can also craft your New Year emails by getting inspired by this one.

New year email campaign example.

Wrap Up

The holiday season is going on; Christmas and New Year events are coming soon. So, plan your strategies for this holiday email marketing opportunity. And without any hassle, send your Christmas and New Year emails using our handy, price-friendly email marketing platform, MailBluster!  Hopefully, all the crafting tips and email examples for Christmas and New Year email campaigns will help you create your best holiday email content.


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