Engage Your Audience With The Best Welcome Email Subject Lines

Welcome email subject lines

There’s no doubt how essential welcome emails are for setting up a great first impression, and to make it effective, the welcome email subject lines need to be better. Welcoming new subscribers/members to your business plays a vital role in email marketing, so you must focus on writing the best welcome email subject lines as it’s the first thing a recipient notices after the sender’s name. Also,  Catchy email subject lines boost click-through- rates and open rates.

In this blog, I will provide some writing tips and examples of welcome email subject lines so you can gather various ideas on writing them in the best way!

What is Welcome Email Subject Line

A welcome email subject line is a single-line text that a recipient sees of a welcome email right after the sender’s name. A compelling subject line may increase the likelihood that the receiver will open the email. 47% of email receivers choose to open an email based on the subject line. Additionally, 33% of email recipients read emails because of attention-grabbing subject lines.

How to write Welcome email subject lines

Let’s get some writing tips and go through some real-life examples of welcome email subject lines! Let’s get some valuable ideas on making them the best, so you will be ready for the next step; sending them from a handy email marketing platform like our Mailbluster!

Getting subscribers started

Getting started with welcome emails gives consumers who have just subscribed to your email list quick instructions on what to do next and a list of advantages they may anticipate from your business. Such welcome email subject lines should also portray the gist of “getting started” so the recipient can guess what the welcome email is about. Also, they will consider you considerate enough to share the “starting” guidelines.

The following Hubstaff’s welcome email subject line example taken from real-life is a good one! The subject line simply says what the email is about; “Getting Started With Hubstaff.”

"Getting started" welcome email subject lines.
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  • Welcome to the family!
  • Welcome to (your brand name)! Let’s get started.
  • Welcome! Let’s get right to it.
  • Welcome! We’re here to help you get started.
  • You’re in! Let’s begin!
  • You’re family now. Let’s get started.
  • Welcome to the club! Let’s begin!
Mention exclusive welcoming offers

If you provide an exclusive offer in your welcome email, then you need to mention it in your welcome email subject lines. Emphasize exclusivity in your welcome email subject lines to make your audience feel valued and a part of your community. Provide an exclusive welcoming offer to your new customers/subscribers for joining and mention it in the subject line. Also, this helps increase your email open rates.

For example, check out the following picture for a better idea!

Exclusive welcome offer subject lines.
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  • Welcome to [your company name]! Get your 10% offer on your joining.
  • You’re in! Enjoy 20% off your first order.
  • Welcome! Your exclusive discount code is here.
  • Welcome to the family! Enjoy your 10% discount!
Make it personalized and friendly

Write your welcome email subject line in a personalized form and with a friendly tone. Give a human touch to it, like addressing your recipients by their names. Thus, the recipient will feel you’re talking to them directly, and it will provide a realistic vibe. Also, 71% of consumers prefer personalized communications. Not only that, personalized subject lines boost open rates to 50%! Therefore, you need to make your welcome email subject lines personalized.

Check out the following real-life welcome email subject line example sent from Loom. In this welcome email, the sender addressed me by my name, which gives a personalized touch, and the “we’re so glad you’re here!” part shows their friendly gesture. All these make this welcome email subject line so good!

Personalized welcome email subject lines.
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  • Welcome, [Your recipient’s name]!
  • Welcome, [Your recipient’s name]! Now you’re a part of us!
  • We’re glad you’re here, [Your recipient’s name]!
  • Hello, Peter. Welcome to the family.
Make it question type

Ask questions in your subject lines to generate interest and persuade your receivers to open your emails. The benefit of using questions is that they direct subscribers’ attention to your subject lines. It makes them curious about the question and answer, enabling you to establish a stronger bond with them. 

Check out the following question-type welcome email subject line example and get ideas!

Question-type subject lines.
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  • Are you curious about our world? Welcome to [your company name]!
  • Are you interested in us? Let’s begin!
  • Welcome to [your company name]. Ready to start?
Make it unique

Everybody likes uniqueness! So, try to make your welcome email subject lines unique so your subscriber remembers you for your uniqueness! Make it different and catchy so it will hook the reader’s attention!

The following real-life welcome email subject line example is really unique. Grammarly made the subject line in a mathematical form, “You + Grammarly = Ready for Action,” and it really is an amazing way to welcome a new subscriber. Also, the “plus” sign portrays the strong bond between them.

Unique welcome email subject line from Grammarly.
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  • You’re in! Let’s unwrap your goodies.
  • You + [your company name] = The dynamic duo
  • Welcome! Let’s explore [your company name]

Wrap Up

In email marketing, the welcome email is one of the crucial email marketing types. Hence, making its subject line in the best form is essential. Throughout this blog, I have discussed necessary detail about welcome email subject lines, writing tips, and real-life examples. Hopefully, all these will help you write the best welcome email subject lines. 

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