Email Campaign Ideas, Types, and Examples

Email Campaign Ideas, Types and Examples

Sending email campaign is intended to deliver useful content and timely offers to subscribers at the most effective times. Though it’s an old marketing medium, it is still effective when done correctly. Unlike other digital marketing mediums, email marketing is the best practice due to the higher return on investment (ROI) and many other benefits. Want to establish solid and reliable relationships with your clients? Then, do it with various types of email marketing campaigns!

Want some necessary email campaign ideas? Are you wondering about its types and need some examples, too? Then you’re on the right page! This blog will deliver all the basics you need to know about email campaign.

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What is the Email Campaign?

An email campaign is a series of marketing initiatives that contacts numerous recipients at once. And the recipients are mostly your customers, subscribers, and prospects.

What is email campaign? Email campaign definition.

Want me to explain more? No worries. I’ll explain and give you an example, too!

Suppose you run a small business and want to provide discounts on some of your products. Now, you want to deliver this offer to consumers through email marketing. For that, you need to email your leads and customers, providing all the necessary information regarding your offer.

Now, the question is, will you email the same message to each of your customers separately? No, because that would be a hassle and time-consuming, right?

Therefore, you must email all your subscribers and potential customers at once. Such methods of sending bulk emails are also called “email blast.” And each marketing effort you take this way is known as an email campaign. This is designed to reach subscribers at the best time and provide valuable content and relevant offers. Furthermore, it allows you to build deep and trusting relationships with your customers.

And you might wonder, what is the difference between email marketing and email campaign? well, the difference is simple:

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies or mediums, and an email campaign is, as mentioned above, marketing emails that you utilize/send to flourish your email marketing.

8 Types of Email Campaigns

Let’s learn about the types of email campaigns you can send to your audiences, and let’s see some email campaign examples too. Indeed, you’ll also get some email campaign ideas from here.

Want to learn what are the 4 types of email marketing? Well, learning only 4 types of email marketing isn’t enough. There are various types; however, you must know about the 8 best types of email marketing campaigns. So!

Here, I’m discussing eight email campaign types and attaching eight different email campaign examples for your better understanding.

Welcome email

When someone joins your email list or subscribes to your service, they receive a welcome email. Welcome emails are intended to warm up the relationship between the company and consumers/subscribers and convey general startup details that a new subscriber needs to know.

Below is a welcome email example that Airbnb sent to its subscribers.

Email campaign example. Welcome email example.

This example will help you learn how to create a welcome email. As you can see, Airbnb is welcoming its new subscribers via email. It is also providing guidelines, urging them to complete their profiles, verify information, and explore.

Email newsletter

One of the most popular and well-known email marketing campaigns is the newsletter. Sending an email newsletter is one way to share resources and information with your readers.  It conveys interesting materials, including thought leadership, tutorials, and information on brand-new services and products.

Email campaign example. Email newsletter example.

The given picture is an email newsletter example from Luxurious Beauty for bettering your email campaign ideas. In this one, they are informing their audiences about their renewal collection.

Promotional email

Sending out promotional emails is a great approach to boosting revenue, sign-ups, and new product offerings. This email campaign conveys information on cross-selling items to your members and introduces them to new services or goods.

Also, promotional emails include deals that entice the recipients of your mailing list to buy your service, thus promoting your brand along with it. They’re mostly sent to regular customers and engaged subscribers.

Promotional email example. Email campaign example.

The given picture is a promotional email example from Whistlefish. they sent this promotional email campaign to promote their brand by offering 20% off on the first order.

Personalized email

Personalized emails are usually created using behavioral targeting techniques and user data collection. Brands use collected data to craft personalized emails for their leads to make them relevant and engaging.

The following email campaign is a personalized email campaign example. You can also call it a personalized newsletter. Hence, you can also check it out as a personalized newsletter example.

In this one, Penguin Random House has sent a personalized email campaign to their customer by targeting the customer’s behavior of reading books. The customer, who is a reader, seemed to be interested in the “Mystery & Suspense” genre.

Hence, along with recommending the books of new sellers, they also suggested books of the customer’s preferred genre. This way, the recipient can relate to this personalized email campaign and find it engaging.

Retention email

Retention emails seek customer feedback and advice through surveys or reviews, often rewarding recent purchasers. This is a highly efficient email marketing campaign for retaining your hard-won consumers and retaining them as loyal customers.

The following picture is a retention email example from Amazon. Check this out for more email campaign ideas.

Email campaign example; Retention email example.

Here, Amazon is asking the buyer to review their recent purchase. This technique usually requires marketing automation. Whenever someone completes a purchase, the automation system triggers that action. As a result, an automated email is sent to urge them to review the product they just bought.

Acquisition email

The aim of an acquisition email is mostly conversion. This type of email assists your business in acquiring customers by sending them to the subscribers who have consented to receive your emails but have yet to convert them into customers. Acquisition emails convey appealing offers and informative content and demonstrate the value of becoming an active customer to those on your email list. It’s a great way to turn leads through the conversion funnel quickly.

email campaign example: Acquisition email example.

The above picture is an acquisition email example from Spotify. In this one, they are providing an appealing offer to upgrade to premium with a three-month free option. This offer will attract many new subscribers to buy Spotify’s premium service, thus increasing conversion.

Seasonal email

Seasonal emails aim mostly at celebrations. This type often goes by the name “Holiday emails.” We can also call it an occasional email campaign, as the campaign is planned and crafted based on a particular occasion. For example, Holiday/Christmas email campaigns are sent for Christmas festival occasions. For instance, International Women’s Day email or Valentine’s Day email campaigns are sent targeting these two occasions, too.

So, Seasonal or occasional email campaigns are sent at a particular time of the year, and these emails provide wishes, discounts, prizes, competitions, holiday activities, and more. The goal for this is to mostly promote seasonal sales. Religious festivals like Eid, Christmas, Puja, national days, and special days like Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few examples of this type of email campaign.

Seasonal email example. Mother's Day email example. Email campaign example.

Check out the picture given. It’s a Mother’s Day email example. Clarks sent out this email campaign targeting Mother’s Day. It focused on “Celebrate Mother’s Day” and recommended “shop gifts for mom,” plus new arrivals of the season’s newest styles.

Transaction email

Receipts, invoices, order confirmations, billing statements, delivery status, etc., are transactional emails. Buyers want to receive emails containing transaction histories. Therefore, sending transactional emails to your consumers helps boost their perception of your business.

Transaction email example.

The given picture is a transaction email example from Warby Parker for your better email campaign ideas. Here, they thank their customer for ordering their “Home Try-On order” and inform them about the order confirmation that they’ve received it and are now packing up the purchased product for delivery.

Apart from these 8 types of email campaigns, there are also anniversary emails, abandoned cart emails, invitation emails, announcement emails, automated emails, etc., types of email campaigns you can send to your audiences.

What Do You Need To Run Email Campaigns?

Now that you know what an email campaign is, you might wonder what it really takes to run one. It’s pretty simple; you need only three things for it! 

What do you need to run email campaigns? Email list, goals, email marketing platform.
  • First, you need to set your email marketing goals. You should set your goals and expectations from email marketing so you can plan according to it.
  • Third, you need an effective email marketing platform to run your email campaigns. This platform is also called an email marketing tool; take MailBluster, for example, which has various essential features and pro email templates to organize your emails.

Metrics that Help in Achieving Goals

Let’s see what metrics help to achieve email marketing goals and are mainly used to monitor the success level. The metrics list is given in the following picture. Check it out!

Metrics that helps in achieving email marketing goals.

These metrics, especially:

  • email deliverability
  • email open rate

These email marketing success measuring metrics will help you measure how you’re doing with your email marketing and whether you’re on the right track.

Best Time to Send Email Campaign

The best time to send email campaign basically depends on the content/topic of the message, habits-lifestyles of your audiences, and the day of the week. Let’s consider some possibilities for the best time to send email campaigns.

Best day to send email
  • The best day to send email could be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, as Monday is usually the busiest day of the week. 
  • As for Friday, people try to finish their weekly tasks and not leave anything for the next week. So the next week, they don’t have any rush. Hence, it will be wise to avoid Friday
  • Now we are left with only Saturday and Sunday. So how about these two days? These two fall on the weekend, making it problematic. Undoubtedly, weekends are mostly for family and are often considered family days. Most people like spending their weekends with family or just relaxing without any mood for reading emails.
Best time to send email campaigns
  • Morning is probably the best time to send emails because most people have the habit of checking their phones in bed after waking up. About 58% of adults start their mornings by checking their emails.
  • From 8 p.m. to midnight is an efficient time and a good time for your emails to get seen. People are usually free during that time, and most of them have a habit of going through their mailboxes before going to sleep.
Worst hours to send email
  •  It’s better to avoid working hours, as people are involved and busy with their work.
  • The lunch break hour wouldn’t be a wise idea either, as people will be busy having lunch.
  • And especially, ignore the rush hours as people commute to work or home. Their minds will be occupied with commuting stuff, so it is inconvenient for them to read emails during rush hours. Hence, rush hours could be the worst hours for sending email campaigns.
How to determine the best time to send emails

Run A/B testing your emails to select the best time to send emails. So, what is A/B testing? A/B testing is a feature that simultaneously tests two or more page variations to determine which performs the best. So, segment your emails and send them at different times to see which time zone works best for you.

Email Campaign Strategy

Now, check out the following picture to learn at a glance about some basic email campaign tips and strategies and the aspects that should be in your focus while sending emails. It will also enhance your email campaign ideas.

Email campaign strategy.

All these are considered email campaign best practices:

  • Set your email campaign goals.
  • Identify and study your consumers/customers/clients.
  • Write engaging subject lines.
  • Do A/B testing of your emails.
  • Send an email at an appropriate time.
  • Apply performance indicator.
  • Make mobile-friendly landing pages.
  • Give personalized and human touch in email write-up.

How to Create an Email Campaign?

Questioning yourself, “How can I create an email campaign?”

Want to learn about how to create and send an email campaign? Check out the following tutorial video! You’ll learn how to do it with MailBluster without any hassle.

Why Email Campaigns Matter?

Of course, you must be aware that email marketing strategy is vital for developing any business. But don’t you really want to know the facts and the logic behind it? Why are email campaigns necessary, and why do you need to gain email campaign ideas? Exactly why would you spend money on email marketing? Have you been asking yourself these questions? If I’m assuming correctly, then no worries! You’ll get the answers right here!

So, what are the benefits of email marketing campaign? Let’s learn!

Email marketing is still effective

Many new marketing techniques have been included in today’s digital marketing field. And a few traditional ones have lost effectiveness over the years, except for email marketing. This marketing medium is still effective! For both personal and professional purposes, everyone needs an email account. Consequently, a larger part of the population, including consumers, uses it for daily communication.

Let’s see some statistics;

  • Also, 333 billion emails are sent and received worldwide every day, which might reach 392.5 billion by 2026.
Your competitors are also utilizing this

There is no doubt that your competitors are utilizing email marketing to expand their businesses. Why? Because it is still effective. For example, as per email marketing statistics 85% of marketers use this platform as their primary lead-generation strategy. Also, sales representatives spend 21% of their workday writing emails. So, to keep up with your competitors, you need to send email campaigns to have its benefits.

Your consumer prefers email campaign

According to Statista’s popularity of email marketing among US consumer statistics, 79% of U.S. consumers prefer to be contacted by brands via email, and 57% of Generation Z also agreed.

Plus, according to Snovio’s email marketing statistics:

  • Email marketing is the most popular consumer engagement technology in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific, with a usage rate of 77.6%.
  • Email marketing is the most successful marketing medium, according to 29% of marketers.
  • Email newsletters are the most popular channel used by 31% of marketers for lead nurturing.
  • Also, 80% of people liked to be contacted by the sales reps through email. So, as your consumers prefer emails, you must keep up with their demands through emails.
Easy communication and better engagement

Email Campaign simplifies and improves client communication. It’s easy and effective communication between your business and your target audience. Nurturing your leads is very important to make a solid bond with them. You need to nurture your leads by letting them know about important updates on time. As you’re already aware, consumers prefer communicating through email. Hence, for better engagement among your customers/clients, you need to communicate with them by sending emails.

Helps in reaching receptive audiences

Moreover, emailing is also a trustworthy approach to connecting with your target audiences. The majority of your emails go to subscribers who willingly signed up to receive them. They are, therefore, pleased to learn about your brand via email. This implies that they positively respond to your emails, which will undoubtedly aid in your goal of getting receptive audiences.

It’s cost-effective

Email marketing is substantially less expensive than many other forms of marketing. Like, there are no publication, advertising, or media space costs. The price varies based on how you manage your business. Despite the wide range of email marketing costs, tends to take up to $51 to $1000.

Helps in getting higher ROI

Sending email campaigns helps establish your brand image and improve revenue. The ROI is relatively higher in this marketing field. ROI is $44 for every $1 spent. Isn’t it great? It’s an excellent strategy to increase revenue for your business.

It’s easily measurable

Also, emails are easy to measure because email marketing platforms use metrics. Such as mentioned earlier, delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, etc., helps to measure the email campaign success rate. It also helps to maintain a good email list and achieve your goals.

Emails help in conversion

Appealing and relevant email content can attract prospects and help with conversion. To make your email campaign relevant, you need to write based on their interests. You can often conduct surveys or apply behavioral targeting techniques to collect your subscribers’ data and segment them based on their preferences.

Helps in business improvement

You already know from all the above facts how sending email campaigns can help you reach your marketing goals by getting higher ROI, better engagement and conversion, etc. However, apart from those, emails can also help you get necessary feedback from your subscribers that you can apply to improve your business.

For example, you can send consumers emails asking for feedback about your services and products and take those suggestions to improve your services. And with that, if you’re doing campaigns for B2C email marketing or B2B, no matter what business you do, definitely you’ll make it shine!

So, to answer the question, are email campaigns worth it? It absolutely is!

Choose an Email Marketing Platform

As already mentioned, you need an email marketing platform to send email campaigns. It also goes by email marketing software, email marketing tool, email blasting software or app, etc. Instead of handling your email marketing entirely on your own, you can employ an email marketing platform. Once you’ve written your email, you can easily complete the other tasks using an email marketing platform or tool. A/B testing, segmentation, personalization, and all other email marketing features are available in an email marketing tool. And you can customize your emails using a wide collection of email themes. Also, it is efficient! You just have to choose one according to your budget and plan and put it into practice.

Now, you may ask, which email campaign tool is best? Well, there are several email marketing tools that could qualify as the best. However, you need to choose one that will align with your budget and email marketing strategy.

Recommending MailBluster

You need an effective email marketing platform to run your email marketing campaigns. Hence, I recommend the best choice in this matter. Our MailBluster could be exactly what you need! You’ll get all the essential email marketing features like segmentation, A/B testing, drag-and-drop email editors, and many more to make your email marketing experience easy and effective.

Also, to organize and decorate your email, you’ll find a variety of email campaign templates here. This email marketing software provides many well-designed email templates. You just have to pick the suitable one for your email content, and that’s it! No need to waste most of your time organizing the email because our MailBluster’s email campaign templates will save you your precious time!

And it’s pretty affordable, too. It offers unlimited subscribers and all the essential features for email marketing campaigns at flexible pricing. Awesome, right? So, consider choosing this handy email marketing tool to aid you in sending your email campaign.

Wrap Up

An email campaign strategy is essential and a must in your digital marketing program. This blog has covered all the basics you need for email campaign guidelines. I have thoroughly discussed email campaign types, and examples in detail to give you better email campaign ideas. Hopefully, it will help you correctly send email campaigns and boost your email marketing strategy throughout the journey.


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