Black Friday Email Examples & Effective Tips

Black Friday Email Examples and Effective Tips

Indeed, you’re looking for some great Black Friday email examples and tips as this year’s Black Friday is knocking at the door. Don’t worry, I got your back! Black Friday is a significant sales engine for small businesses and online retailers. And as it is quickly approaching, it’s time to make some essential deals! So, make sure to send Black Friday emails to boost your sales. 

In this blog, I will discuss Black Friday email in detail. You’ll get some effective tips and examples for better ideas, and these will help you create successful Black Friday marketing email campaigns.


What is Black Friday Email?

Black Friday Email definition.

It is a part of holiday email marketing campaigns that give sales and exciting offers for the Black Friday occasion. It belongs to Black Friday marketing. And do you know what that is? Let’s learn about this in detail!

What is Black Friday marketing?

Black Friday marketing is an occasion for businesses to boost sales. Companies use this occasion to advertise their Black Friday deals and offers. Special limited-time sales, digital marketing campaigns, and social media advertising are frequently used for Black Friday.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday occurs after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November. And this year, Thanksgiving is on the 23rd of November. So, the next day of it is the D day!

Do mark November 24th of 2023 on your calendar because that’s the date for this year’s Black Friday!

Why does Black Friday matter?

Black Friday matters because a special purchasing opportunity arises on this occasion. Plenty of shoppers research and plan deals, prepare for crowds, and rejoice in finding hard-to-find items. Retailers who get their customers’ thoughts might provide distinctive shopping experiences that increase their likelihood of generating income.

Also, there is more competition than ever for holiday buyers. In 2022, online sales rose 2.3% to a record in the US. And about 71% of 25-34-year-old consumers set aside more savings for the holiday. Therefore, use this opportunity to create a Black Friday marketing plan that your target market will adore and boost those conversion rates. Not only that, buyers spent a remarkable $9.12 billion on Black Friday in 2022, which is 2.3% more than in 2021. And this expansion is anticipated to continue this year, 2023, too!

Black Friday Email Examples

 Let’s go through some Black Friday email examples! I have categorized them into four parts: Black Friday teaser email, announcement email of Black Friday launch, Last chance email, and Black Friday extended email. This way, you’ll better understand which example to follow for which day to send Back Friday emails.

Black Friday teaser email

As mentioned earlier, you should start sending Black Friday emails one or two weeks before the very Black Friday. Here are some Black Friday teaser examples for you!

Black Friday email example 1

The following Black Friday teaser example is from a skincare brand named Drunk Elephant. They have announced Black Friday’s arrival in the Heading section at the beginning of the email. After that, they gave their audiences a teaser of the offer so that they could stay tuned.

Black Friday teaser email  example.
Key features:
  • Branding is on top of the email.
  • The email template has a catchy color combination of pink and yellow.
  • The email starts with the announcement of Black Friday’s arrival. Also, it has an emoji within the word “coming” to give a funny look.
  • The email provides a teaser of the upcoming offer.
  • The email ends with a clear CTA (Click-to-action) “Prep your cart” button.

Example 2

The following example is from another skincare brand, High Beauty, and they have started the heading by announcing that “Black Friday is almost here.” after that, in the body part, they have invited their users to sign up for text alerts to get Black Friday deals first.

Black Friday teaser email.
Key features: 
  • Branding is at the top.
  • The email template has a soothing color that matches the email image.
  • The email’s heading is the announcement of Black Friday’s upcoming arrival.
  • The body part urges the users to sign up for alerts on Black Friday’s deals and win exclusive prizes!
  • It has a clear CTA “Sign up now” button.
  • They have attached their social media handles.
  • It has multiple navigation options.
  • It has a disclaimer.
  • They added an unsubscribe link in email. It’s a must in order to keep the unsubscribe rate lower.

Example 3

This one is from a mattress brand called Eve. They started by wishing “sweet dreams,” followed by the announcement of Black Friday’s arrival. What differentiates them from others is that instead of the day of Black Friday, they started giving discounts from the teaser.

Black Friday email.
Key features:
  • Branding is on top.
  • The email template has a soothing nightly vibe that matches the brand.
  • The email’s heading is the greetings that, too, match the brand. 
  • The body part consists of Black Friday’s arrival announcement and provides an offer.
  • It has a clear CTA “Shop now” button.

Black Friday launch email

Now, let’s go through some announcement emails of Black Friday launch examples.

Example 4

Maingear sells PCs and gaming stuff; they sent this one on the day of Black Friday with an interesting heading followed by the announcement of “Black Friday starts now” and the offer of “ up to $750 in savings.”

Black Friday launch email example.
Key features:
  • The branding is on top.
  • The email’s template color and heading suit the brand.
  • The body part consists of Black Friday’s starting announcement and provides an offer.
  • It has a clear CTA “View All Deals” button.
  • They attached their social media handles.
  • They attached their company address.
  • They added an unsubscribe link to email.

Example 5

The next example is from Designmodo, and they have focused beautifully on the “Black Friday is now! 70% off” announcement.

Black Friday announcement email.
Key features:
  • The email template highlighted the Black Friday “launch” and “offer” in a catchy and unique design.
  • The body part is the Black Friday sale message.
  • It has a clear CTA “Learn more” button to understand their offer further.
  • They added their social media handles and an unsubscribe URL.

Example 6

The following example is from Freshly. They directly started the heading with the offer of $60 off on the Black Friday sale.

Black Friday sale email.
Key features:
  • The branding is clearly on top of the email.
  • The email image is relevant to the brand and context.
  • Both the heading and body part present Black Friday’s sales.
  • It has a clear CTA “Get $60% off” button.

Last chance email

Example 7

BaubleBar, a jewelry brand, sent this last chance email of Black Friday sales with the countdown of “12 hours only.”

Last chance Black Friday email example.
Key features:
  • The branding is clearly on top.
  • The heading conveys the countdown for the last 12 hours for the VIP access. The countdown here surely creates a FOMO (fear of missing out) vibe.
  • The email template has a sweet pink color that matches their jewelry brand, intended for female customers.
  • The body part presents a Black Friday offer of 35% off.
  • They have added a code “VIP35” to use at checkout.
  • It has a clear CTA “Shop now” button.

Example 8

Forever 21 sent a last minute email, reminding potential customers that their Black Friday discount was running.

Last minute email of Black Friday.
Key features:
  • The heading presents a FOMO concept with the message  “Final hours! Don’t miss out!”
  • The arrow signs at the top of both sides also create a sense of urgency to purchase soon.
  • The body part presents Black Friday offers.
  • It provides a discount code “BLKFRIYAY” as a CTA.

Black Friday extended email

Finally, let’s go through some examples of extended Black Friday deals emails.

Example 9

The Spinsterz is a fitness brand, and they sent this extended Black Friday offer email with the heading, “We got your back! Extended sale. 50% for 48 hours!”

Key features:
  • The branding is clearly on top.
  • The heading conveys the extended Black Friday sale offer for 48 hours.
  • The email image is funny and entertainingly grabs the reader’s attention.
  • The body part also has a witty humor text.
  • The email has multiple CTAs at the top of the email.

Example 10

The final example is from National Geographic. The heading states, “Black Friday extended,” and the body part describes the offer, “save up to 70%.”

Key features:
  • The branding is precisely on top of the email.
  • The heading conveys the extended Black Friday notice.
  • The body part elaborates on the offer.
  • The email has a CTA “Shop now” button.

Tips to Craft Successful Black Friday Emails

Here are some essential tips for you. You can go through these tips quickly!

  1. Create catchy email subject lines.
  2. Present your brand in a standard way.
  3. Keep the email simple and clear to match your brand.
  4. Add a large headline or primary statement that draws attention to your Black Friday deals and piques readers’ interest.
  5. Include your offer noticeably.
  6. Include the product image in the email.
  7. Make the email personalized to get the right deals to the right people.
  8. Display your items and offers in the email.
  9. Personalize your Black Friday marketing campaigns.
  10. Create a sense of urgency so the consumers take action.

Best Time to Send Black Friday Email

Best time to send Black Friday email.

You must send your first email on Friday, November 17th, one week before Black Friday. You can also send it two weeks before Black Friday if you want. Just make sure to send a Black Friday teaser before the launch. 

After that, follow up with a second email to announce the start/launch of your Black Friday sale on the morning of November 24th.

 In the final hours of Black Friday, send a last chance email to encourage customers to make a purchase.

Moreover, if you decide to extend your Black Friday sale, you can send the fourth one the next day. So, there are a total of four Black Friday email campaigns you can make plans for.

Wrap Up

Like every year, there will be a surge of activity from various retailers. So, prepare your company for the heightened competition by combining strong sales offers and effective communication strategies. So, send your Black Friday emails through our handy and price-friendly email marketing platform, MailBluster. Hopefully, this blog’s discussions, examples, and tips will help you craft successful Black Friday email campaigns.

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