Best Email Marketing for WooCommerce: Top 10 Tools

Best Email Marketing for WooCommerce

A staggering number of WooCommerce users face limitations with their built-in email marketing solutions, which means businesses miss out on crucial marketing opportunities. 

But fear not! We’re here to illuminate this issue and offer a solution to help your email marketing campaign thrive. 

Check out the 10 tools for best email marketing for WooCommerce, which brings the maximum ROI (Return on Investment) to amplify your email campaigns.

Let’s turn those missed opportunities into remarkable successes!

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Why Isn’t Using WooCommerce Built-in Email Solution Enough?

WooCommerce has its own built-in email marketing extension that any user can download and use. However, this extension is limited in advanced segmentation and automation features.  

To learn the limitations in more detail, continue reading,   

1You Can’t Send Marketing Emails

Although WooCommerce has built-in email extensions to send transactional emails, they don’t allow you to send marketing emails.

Marketing emails are very important to any business; they keep engagements with the audience and boost conversion through consistent email communication with your customers throughout the customer journey. 

So, in this case, it is recommended that you plug in the best email marketing to your WooCommerce account to send marketing emails seamlessly. 

Note: MailBluster allows you to send marketing emails by integrating with WooCommerce as a plug-in.

2Limited Number of Emails

With WooCommerce’s built-in email extensions, you can send only 500 emails per month, and there is no way to increase that number. 

500 emails per month are next to nothing for a business, so using WooCommerce’s built-in email extensions is not enough. 

Note: MailBluster allows you to send unlimited emails per month.

3Complicate to Customize it’s Templates

The WooCommerce email extension imposes several restrictions on customizing email templates, including limitations on colors. To overcome these constraints, you must customize the HTML templates and then upload the modified versions to your website’s backend.

It involves way more technical stuff that is challenging for non-tech-savvy people. Integrating the best email marketing platform and enjoying email marketing is far better. 

Note: MailBluster has an easy drag-and-drop feature to customize each of the templates as you want.

So, to save you from these limitations, we have listed the best email marketing tools for WooCommerce that can help you run successful email marketing campaigns seamlessly. 

Best Email Marketing for WooCommerce: Top 10 Tools

If you are using WordPress along with WooCommerce, connect to one of the best email marketing platforms. It will save you time and energy and boost your email marketing campaign success rate. 

What makes you wait, then? Let’s jump in—


#1 MailBluster the Best email marketing tool for WooCommerce


MailBluster offers its users a Free plan and a paid plan (Pro). The paid plan offers a subscription fee of $60 per year (equivalent to $5 per month). Plus, you can pay as you go at $0.60 / 1000 Emails. 

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MailBluster is an email marketing tool built to support companies with large email lists and low budgets. It focuses on the core of email marketing—delivering emails directly to the inbox and cutting the fancy stuff to bring down the cost at rock bottom. 

Powered by Amazon SES, it helps thousands of clients worldwide send millions of emails to their subscribers and capitalize on email marketing. 

More importantly, with the help of MailBluster WordPress plugins, you can connect WooCommerce with MailBluster. 


The core features of Mailbusters are—

What Customer liked about MailBluster

According to MailBluster customer reviews, they liked about MailBluster is, 

☑ Unlimited subscribers can be store

☑ No limitation on the number of campaigns you send

☑ Cost-effective

☑ Well-built, intuitive & easy to use

☑ Easy integration with any application

What can be Improved

After using MailBluster, it became apparent that there is a need to improve some features—

❌ MailBluster currently doesn’t provide SMTP server facilities

Security best practices also can be improved. 

Whom it is for

If you are a small business or e-commerce owner looking to set up an email marketing service on a limited budget, MailBluster is an affordable platform worth considering. 

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#2 MailPoet the best email marketing tool for WooCommerce


MailPoet’s pricing plan is divided into 3 tiers. These are Starters with no cost. Business at $9 per month if billed yearly. Lastly, Agency at $26 per month if billed annually. 

*This pricing statement is according to May 05, 2024.


MailPoet makes email marketing easy and affordable for WooCommerce users. You can manage, design, and automate your emails directly from your WordPress dashboard—even without technical know-how. 

From drag-and-drop editing to GDPR-compliant forms, MailPoet puts everything at your fingertips. You can track customer journeys, customize follow-up emails, and engage customers with targeted campaigns, all while securely storing data on your own server. 

It’s a hassle-free way to enhance your online store’s performance.


The core features of Mailpoet are, 

  • Mailpoet allows you to customize their built-in email templates directly from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Easily set up welcome emails and recover abandoned carts.
  • Use detailed segmentation tools, with more options on the paid plan for targeted emails.
  • Create and send newsletters quickly with its drag-and-drop editor.
  • Expand your list with GDPR-compliant forms and track campaign success with Google Analytics.

What We Liked About Mailpoet

After using Mailpoet—

☑ We liked how Mailpoet helps to tailor emails with advanced segmentation options to target the right audience.

Easily place signup forms on the checkout page to capture leads at a crucial point.

☑ Gain valuable insights from reports that help improve your email marketing strategies.

What can be Improved

Despite having a lot of opportunities it is bound with some limitations that they could improve. These are—

❌ MailPoet could offer a wider range of email templates to give users more design choices.

❌ They can improve or simplify security features to help users protect their subscriber data more efficiently.

Whom it is for

Mailpoet is especially for WordPress users, serving 700K WordPress websites. Its users are bloggers, busy site owners, and non-tech-savvy people.


#3 Omnisend the Best Email marketing tool for WooCommerce


Omnisend has divided its pricing plan into 3 separate tiers: Free, Standard, and Pro, which starts at $0, $16, and $59, respectively.

*This pricing statement is according to May 5, 2024.


Omnisend simplifies email marketing for WooCommerce users. It blends email, SMS, and push notifications for effective promotions. 

With its drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly create attractive emails and easily sync your products for newsletters. Smart segmentation and automated workflows improve ROI. 

Setting up Omnisend is easy with ready-made forms and one-click WooCommerce integration, making it a great choice to enhance your e-commerce efforts.


The core features of Omnisend are, 

  • Omnisend’s drag-and-drop email builder helps to craft beautiful emails that catch the eye quickly.
  • You can target specific groups more effectively with Omnisend’s detailed email segmentation.
  • Set up diverse automation workflows with Omnisend to consistently boost your ROI with less effort.
  • Test and perfect your emails with A/B testing on content and subject lines, ensuring your messages hit the mark every time.
  • Integrate SMS marketing and push notifications into your campaigns, extending engagement across multiple channels.

What We Liked About Omnisend

After trying out Omnisend, we identified the features that resonated with us. These notably consist of—

☑ The drag-and-drop email builder, which is seamless for anyone.

☑ Omnisend supports both SMS and email for comprehensive campaign management.

Unique forms like multi-step and wheel of fortune set Omnisend apart from other platforms.

What can be Improved

Also, some limitations bound us that need to be improved,

❌ Omnisend could explore ways to become more affordable, as it is currently considered expensive compared to other platforms.

❌ Improving how WooCommerce order statuses map to Omnisend’s automation triggers could simplify setup and reduce user complex functionality.

Whom it is for

Omnisend is an email marketing platform specially designed for e-commerce platforms that can streamline ecommerce email marketing seamlessly. 


#4 Brevo the best email marketing tool for WooCommerce


Brevo’s marketing platform is divided into 4 pricing plans: Free at $0, Starter at  $25/month, Business at $65, and Enterprise at a custom price.

*This pricing statement is according to April 21, 2024.


Brevo is an email marketing software and a CRM suite that enhances customer relationships through various channels, such as Email, SMS, and Chat. 

Brevo allows its customers to connect with WooCommerce to receive all customer data and emails in their inboxes. If you connect it to WooCommerce, you will also receive all of its features: email marketing, CRM, chat, marketing automation, segmentation, etc.


The core features of Brevo are,

  • You can synchronize all of your customer data with Brevo in WooCommerce.
  • Segment all of your customers based on their purchase behaviors by integrating your WooCommerce transaction data
  • Automated Campaign features will help you Increase revenue.
  • Brevo forms help to grow your email list and manage information requests with easy-to-embed custom forms.
  • Messaging API feature helps to send transactional emails and more. 

What We Liked About Brevo

We tried Brevo and liked some features, such as—

☑  The built-in template collection of Brevo. They have enough Template availability.

☑ Their 24/7 customer support service please us. 

☑ The easy-to-navigate interface is for everyone, especially non-tech-savvy people.

What can be Improved

However, there are some things they need to improve, 

❌ There are some issues while placing campaigns where they can work on. 

❌ They could improve their feature quantity. 

Whom it is for

Brevo is especially useful for software and infrastructure companies that need to create, design, and send newsletters and other email campaigns. It also helps analyze campaign results and offers email templates.


#5 Mailchimp the Best Email Marketing tool for WooCommerce


Their Email Marketing pricing is divided into 4 sections: Free, Essentials, Standards, and Premium. It starts at $0, $6.50, $10, and $175

*This pricing statement is according to May 5, 2024.


Mailchimp for WooCommerce is a handy WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates your WooCommerce store with your Mailchimp account. This integration lets you sync your customers and all their data directly into Mailchimp. 

With this data, you can track sales, set up targeted ecommerce automation, and offer personalized product recommendations. Plus, you can re-engage customers by sending emails for abandoned carts and more through Mailchimp.


The core features of Mailchimp are—

  • Provide you with email marketing essentials, such as A/B testing, Campaign Manager, Customer Journey Builder, etc. 
  • Content creation features allow you to optimize and assist your content even with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • It enables you to manage audiences based on their behavior and demographics and segment their data. 
  • Mailchimp’s marketing automation feature allows users to create dynamic content, integrate it, retarget it, and more. 
  • Reporting and analytic tools help to create marketing reports and smart recommendations. 

What We Liked About Mailchimp

We used Mailchimp and found we like certain features, like—

☑ The interface of Mailchimp is easy to use. 

☑ It has marketing automation to speed up the process seamlessly

☑ Personalizations and segmentation features. 

What Can Be Improved

We also found areas that need improvement, 

❌ Mailchimp’s pricing plan is so expensive they can consider lower budget plan for small businesses. 

❌ They have limited automation features on lower-tier pricing plans, which can be improved. 

Whom it is for

Mailchimp is designed especially for growing businesses across the world who want to grow their businesses. 


#6 Klaviyo the best email marketing for WooCommerce


Klaviyo’s pricing plan is divided into 3 tiers: Free, Email, and Email and SMS. The 3 tiers start at $0, $45, and $60 monthly. 

*This pricing statement is according to May 5, 2024.


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that creates personalized customer experiences with real-time data and AI-driven insights. It also uses unified data and marketing automation features. 

Klaviyo helps its users with email and SMS marketing, mobile push, reviews, and customer data platforms. Klaviyo also provides AI-based support to streamline seamless activities. 


The core features of Klaviyo are—

  • You can reach the right people with Klaviyo’s customer segmentation tool.
  • You can deliver a more relevant experience with the help of Klavyio’s automated flow feature.
  • You can maximize your sales with the campaign management feature. 
  • For e-commerce marketing, a reporting tool and dashboard help seamlessly. 
  • Use AI for sign-up forms and create winning emails. 

What we liked about Klaviyo

We used Klaviyo and figured out we like some features, including—

The segmentation feature helped us categorize clients effectively.

☑ The email and marketing plan is very easy to use, and anyone can implement it. 

☑ The email builder tool is also the most-liked feature that helps us to design email effortlessly. 

What can be Improved

We also noticed some parts that need fixing, 

❌ They could work for social media marketing, which is also a good approach, along with email marketing

❌ And the billing process also needs to be more accessible to ensure users can easily onboard the software.

Whom it is for

Klaviyo is specially designed for e-commerce stores. However, you can use it if you are from a non-e-commerce platform. 


#7 MailerLite the Best email marketing for WooCommerce


The Marketing pricing of MailerLite is divided into 4 pricing tiers. These are Free, Growing Business, Advanced, and Enterprise. Accordingly starts from $0, $9, $18 per month if billed annually and Custom

*This pricing statement is according to May 5, 2024.


MailerLite is a digital marketing tool that supports customers with email marketing, automation, landing pages, websites, and signup forms. 

It allows its users to integrate with 147 apps, including WooCommerce, and use 4 types of templates: landing pages, newsletters, websites, and pop-ups. 


The core features of MailerLite are, 

  • MailerLite provides email marketing features to grow your audience and build strong relationships. 
  • Automation features help to send perfectly timed and targeted emails automatically. 
  • The newsletter editor feature allows you to design email yourself with their AI-powered drag-and-drop editor.
  • The transactional email features help to personalize emails to build customer loyalty. 

What We Liked About MailerLite

We really like some features from MailerLite, such a—

☑ From MailerLite, we liked their 24/7 customer support

☑ Easy Interface to navigate throughout the software

☑ Seamless automate email marketing process, even through the WooCommerce platform

What Can Be Improved

There are also some things they need to fix, 

❌ They have comparatively expensive deals, possibly leading them to the back. 

❌ Although they have an easy interface, they provide less learning curve to their customers.

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Whom it is for

MailerLite is for all kinds of businesses that come in all shapes and sizes and want to grow their business digitally. 


#8 AutomateWoo the best email marketing for WooCommerce


Unlike others, AutomateWoo doesn’t provide a free plan or free trial. There is only one pricing plan which is at $9.92 per month or $119 per year

*This pricing statement is according to May 5, 2024.


AutomateWoo is a marketing automation platform specially integrated with WooCommerce. It helps you while using WooCommerce and wants to automate email marketing campaigns or other email marketing facilities. 

The workflow component of AutomateWoo is the format where all the automated tasks are designed. The workflow does all the hard work for you in the background, such as trigger, action, and rule.


The core features of AutomateWoo are, 

  • The platform’s easy-to-use interface is perfect for novices and smaller e-commerce stores. 
  • With an extensive array of e-commerce integrations, users can seamlessly connect with various third-party services.
  • Multi-step journeys facilitate omnichannel selling strategies.
  • Beginners receive ample support on the platform, with comprehensive resources and tutorials readily available.
  • A wide variety of pre-built templates streamlines the website creation process. 

What we liked about AutomateWoo

After testing AutomateWoo, we found features we really liked, such as—

☑ The functional equipment with all the features for running a campaign. 

☑ AutomateWoo allows the setup of various automated flows.

☑ It can be integrated with MailChimp as well. 

What can be Improved

We also found areas that need improvement, 

❌ There is no built-in drag-and-drop email marketing template. They could have added templates to their platform.

❌ It could be improved by adding fewer clicks and a refresh option to make adding or removing steps more user-friendly. 

Whom it is for

AutomateWoo is an email marketing add-on plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce, tailored for WooCommerce store owners. 

9Constant Contact

#9 Constant Contact the best email marketing for WooCommerce


The Constant Contact pricing plan is divided into 3 sections: Lite, Standard, and Premium, which start at $12, $35, and $80 per month, respectively. 

*This pricing statement is according to May 5, 2024.


Constant Contact is a solution for effortless email marketing that packs a punch for your small business. Whether you’re just starting or a savvy marketer, this tool covers you.

Constant Contact’s user-friendly interface and powerful features simplify your email marketing journey. It’s a one-stop shop for supercharging your small business, from creating email templates based on your website elements to offering integration with third parties.


The core features of Constant Contact are, 

  • You can integrate and sync all your contacts seamlessly. 
  • Constant Contact provides pre-defined contact segments for targeting 
  • Let’s you use segments to drive buying behavior 
  • Drag-and-drop products feature into emails
  • It has a list-building tool to build and grow your email list. 

What we liked about Constant Contact

We used Omnisend and found we like certain features, like—

☑ We liked the rich email marketing feature of constant contact

☑ Also love the high-quality email templates

☑ and it’s beyond saying that they have a very easy-to-navigate interface. 

What can be Improved

We also noticed some parts that need fixing, 

❌ Constant contact can work on improving more customization options. Currently, there are limitations. 

❌ Also, their pricing plan is comparatively expensive. 

Whom it is for

Constant Contact is for developers, associations, consultants, and creators. Besides, it is best for sales and marketing managers who need to manage their teams, convert leads, and maximize ROI. 


#10 AWeber the best email marketing for WooCommerce


AWeber’s pricing plan is divided into 4 categories: Free, Lite, Plus, and Unlimited. The plans start at $0, $12.50, $20, and $899 per month if you bill annually. 

*This pricing statement is according to May 5, 2024.


AWeber is an email marketing platform that provides WooCommerce automated emails and other marketing facilities. It also has a huge collection of pre-built email templates that you can customize. 

AWeber provides many more facilities to its users, such as segmentation, email testing, automation flows, etc.


The core features of AWeber are, 

  • AWeber allows you to design your email templates directly from Canva with themed and smart designers to create branded email templates. 
  • AWeber also provides an AI writing assistant to write professional and engaging email copies. 
  • You can even create, update, and check email statuses on mobile devices.
  • The automation feature helps instantly notify customers about new content and send emails based on your subscriber’s interactions.
  • In-house deliverability experts ensure reliable mail deliverability. 

What we liked about AWeber

We really like some features from Aweber, such as—

☑ AWeber’s easy-to-use interface and simple email composer. Adding people to your list is very simple through Aweber.

☑ The customer service is remarkable. They are very friendly and always willing to solve issues most easily and quickly. 

☑ The automation features work flawlessly with an e-commerce platform that improves your engagement. 

What can be Improved

We also found areas where we need to make it better, 

❌ Although AWeber has the easiest interface, many users claim it is outdated. So, I think AWeber could have improved its interface while their ‘easy-to-use’ things remain. 

❌ There is no one-time manual segmentation option, so you can’t manually include new email addresses in your existing list or even create one. 

Whom it is for

AWeber is for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to create deeper connections with their customers while growing their businesses.


In conclusion, to maximize your WooCommerce email marketing, explore the top 10 tools for best email marketing for WooCommerce. With features like segmentation and automation, these tools can boost engagement and drive conversions. 

Take action now and choose the best option to elevate your email campaigns and achieve remarkable success.


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