Automation Emails are not being sent to imported Leads

When you define a campaign with a template in the Automation workflow, that campaign will be sent as marketing email to those leads who newly subscribed to your Brand while being imported through a CSV file in MailBluster. That is, when you import a CSV file whose leads are labeled as subscribed in the CSV file, they will receive the automated campaign which you have defined in the automation workflow. If you set a certain delay, then they will receive it after the “delay” duration.

Automation emails are not being sent to those imported leads that are already stored in the Leads section with “subscribe” status.

Also if you fail to enable this trigger before starting the workflow, the subscribed leads will not receive automation emails.

Please note: Automation is a paid feature, and hence, MailBluster does not brand itself on these emails. There is no way to send automated campaigns without any cost.