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If I deactivate the workflow and then reactivate it after making a few changes, will it restart the Automation for the previous leads, or will the leads be out of the Automation?

Last update: January 25, 2024

If you change the workflow, the behavior might vary for each lead because all leads won’t start the workflow at the same time and different leads will be in different steps based on when they started the workflow. If a lead hasn’t passed the newly added step, then the lead will be eligible for the step. If a lead already passed the modified step in the workflow, it won’t impact the lead.

Activating workflow of Automation by clicking Activate

What is Automation in email?

Last update: November 30, 2023

Automation in email campaigns is like having a helper that sends emails for you automatically. It’s a way to set up emails to go out on their own based on certain things, like while importing new subscribed leads from your website/app, sending multiple campaigns right after one another. So, instead of sending each email yourself, the system does it for you, making things easier and more organized. You can send Welcome Emails and Sequence Emails through this Automation.

How Automation works in MailBluster?

Last update: December 18, 2023

MailBluster has a basic automation feature. Using this, you can automatically send emails (or a sequence of emails) to your recipients who subscribed to your website.

This is how an Automation works in MailBluster – basically when a lead subscribes to your website, a subscription event occurs. At that time, the system checks if you have any activated workflow that will get triggered by the subscription event. If an activated workflow is there, the lead will start its journey by following the workflow steps. When the lead subscribes, if no workflow is activated, the event will not trigger any workflow. So, the workflow should be active before the lead subscription happens. You can add/set a delay (for example 12 hours/1 day) before sending any campaign in the Automation workflow.

This is an example of Automation workflow in MailBluster:

If you change the workflow in Automation, the behavior might vary for each lead because all leads won’t start the workflow at the same time and different leads will be in different steps based on when they started the workflow. If a lead hasn’t passed the newly added step, it will be eligible for the step. And the leads who already completed the workflow will not be eligible for the new steps.

How to set up Welcome Email in Automation?

Last update: December 14, 2023

A Welcome Email in email marketing is the first message sent to new subscribers who have just signed up for a newsletter, service, or product. It’s a way to greet them, confirm their subscription, and often provide a warm introduction to your brand. Welcome emails usually thank the subscriber for joining to encourage further engagement.

1. To send Welcome Email from MailBluster, first go to Automation under Campaigns. Click on Create new.

2. Create workflow opens. Enter the Workflow name and Workflow Description. Then click Create workflow.

3. The workflow opens and you will find Start workflow and End workflow. Click on Start workflow > Edit trigger

4. Tick the checkbox Trigger on imported leads and then click Update trigger

5. Now click on the circular “+” sign and Add new step window will appear with two options: Delay and Send Campaign. Delay allows you to set schedule for that campaign while Send campaign allows you to set the campaign for sending

6. If you select Delay then this option appears, through which you can delay your particular campaign

7. If you select Send campaign then you need to enter Campaign details.

8. Here we have set a sample campaign

9. Now scroll downwards and click Update step

10. You can repeat step 5 and step 7 and create another campaign.

The workflow should look like this

11. Click Activate to start the Automation workflow.

12. Now import new leads (who has just subscribed) from Add new > Import leads and attach a CSV file then click Continue.

13. The subscribed leads will receive the Automation campaigns.

14. Make sure the Workflow remains Active while you import new subscribed leads into MailBluster.

Please Note: Automation emails are paid emails because they don’t have any branding on them.

What are the triggers available in MailBluster Automation?

Last update: December 11, 2023

Currently, MailBluster has basic automation with two available triggers. One trigger allows the leads to get automated emails while being import to a specific brand through a CSV File. The other trigger is for new leads or subscribing existing leads. Other automation triggers will be available in later release of MailBluster.

Tracking Automation Campaign Reports

Last update: December 26, 2023

Reports for Automation emails are generated inside Automation section. To track these campaigns under Automation, you need to check your Automation Workflow from time to time.

Here is how you need to access the report of your individual Automation workflow. Each Automation Report can be found under Automation > Workflows > Select any Workflow > View Report.

After clicking View report under Workflows, you will see generated report like this based on your email campaigns set in the workflow:

If you import another new subscribed lead, the lead will be in Waiting state before starting its journey through the Automation workflow:

And if the lead already started the workflow, then it will show In progress as shown below:

Once the lead finishes its journey through the workflow, it will be added to Finished as shown below:

Please note: Automation Reports does not generate under Reports section of MailBluster. It is only generated under Automation Workflows.

Can we send Automation emails to previously subscribed imported leads?

Last update: November 29, 2023

Automation emails are not eligible for your old leads or while importing the same old subscribed leads. It is only eligible for newly subscribed leads.
If you try to import the same old subscribed leads, then the leads won’t receive your automated emails.

Email automation feature/Does MailBluster do automation emails?

Last update: December 18, 2023

MailBluster has basic automation. Using the automation feature, you can send a sequence of emails to your recipients when a visitor subscribes to your brand.

Currently there are only 2 triggers (options) available right now.

  • The first trigger will let manually subscribed leads (email IDs stored in Leads section) receive automation emails which is always enabled by default.
  • The second trigger will apply to imported leads through CSV File if they are set to subscribe (this can be enabled or disabled).

Please Note: The campaign management and campaign reports can be found inside the workflow of Automation.

Automation Emails are not being sent to imported Leads

Last update: December 18, 2023

When you define a campaign with a template in the Automation workflow, that campaign will be sent as marketing email to those leads who newly subscribed to your Brand while being imported through a CSV file in MailBluster. That is, when you import a CSV file whose leads are labeled as subscribed in the CSV file, they will receive the automated campaign which you have defined in the automation workflow. If you set a certain delay, then they will receive it after the “delay” duration.

Automation emails are not being sent to those imported leads that are already stored in the Leads section with “subscribe” status.

Also if you fail to enable this trigger before starting the workflow, the subscribed leads will not receive automation emails.

Please note: Automation is a paid feature, and hence, MailBluster does not brand itself on these emails. There is no way to send automated campaigns without any cost.