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What is a Template?

Last update: January 25, 2024

An email template is like a pre-designed, ready-to-use layout for your email messages. Instead of starting each email from scratch, you can use a template as a model. It helps you maintain a consistent look, include standard design with mobile layout, and save time when creating similar types of emails, such as newsletters, marketing campaigns, and notification emails.

Key features of an email template are Structure and Layout:
Branding, Reusable Content, Responsive Design, and Personalization.

MailBluster has a good collection of email templates that can be found under your Brand >Templates:

Various email templates under MailBluster Templates section

How to create a simple template?

Last update: January 24, 2024

To create a simple Template in MailBluster, first you need to go to your Brand > Campaign > Built-in templates and then click on Blank as shown below.

Clicking on Blank under Built-in templates

Rename the template and use the tools on the right side (marked) to personalize your template. You can take the help of the video tutorial for designing your template from here.

Renaming the template and using the tools on the right side

After designing your template, click Save template.

Clicking on Save template

Your template will be saved under Templates > My Templates.

Clicking on My templates tab

You can later use this template in your future campaigns when you create a new campaign using Drag and Drop Editor.

Selecting your personalized template

Is it possible to copy or move my template from one brand to another?

Last update: January 11, 2024

There is no way you can copy or move the contents or any information from one Brand to a another brand from within the MailBluster Account. You cannot move the email template to another brand unfortunately. Apologies for the limitations. However, MailBluster Support may assist you regarding moving the contents of one brand to another depending on some situations.