Reporting spam or complaint email to MailBluster

Last update: November 27, 2023

Please contact our Support Center first for reporting any spam, complaint or abusive emails. You need to share the following details with the support team before submitting your spam or complaint email:

1.Sender’s Email Address

2, Recipient’s Email Address

3. Screenshot of the email you received

Our team will assess and investigate the report thoroughly and if we found that the customer is violating MailBluster Terms of use, we will take necessary actions against the sender.

Why are the emails landing in the promotions/newsletters tab?

Last update: November 10, 2022

Whether your emails are delivered to your customers’ Promotions/Newsletters tab or their Inbox is typically determined by mail services such as Gmail. Given that you’re sending promotional emails, it’s only natural that they’ll be classified as Promotions/Newsletters by the Gmail algorithm.

Email promotions/newsletters tab

Gmail is attempting to implement a categorization based on the following criteria:

  1. Email Content (whether the content you send appears to be marketing/promotional in nature rather than personal)
  2. Personalization (the level of personalization your email offers to each of the customers)
  3. User interaction (whether your customer personally marked your email to be categorized into the promotions tab)

If the content of your campaign is prepared as a single personalized email for each of your subscribers, the likelihood that your email will be delivered to the primary tab may increase.

Why do I get this error ‘suspicious link’?

Last update: November 10, 2022

Using HTTPS links should resolve the issue.
If you face the problem still, in that case, then it is a challenging problem to debug. The following list might contain the reason:

  1. Using the HTTP link
  2. No DKIM
  3. No SPF
  4. No DMARC
  5. Verifying your domain (click base URL) at
  6. Using public URL shorteners like
  7. The IP pool AWS SES is using to send your emails might have a low reputation

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