How can I set-up Double Opt-In for your campaign?

MailBluster utilizes a double opt-in mechanism to validate subscriber consent. This process ensures that subscribers not only sign up but also confirm their subscription via a verification email. By employing this method, MailBluster aims to maintain a high standard of compliance and deliverability.

Here is how double opt-in works in MailBluster:

Double opt-in is an additional step to the email subscription opt-in process, which requires a lead to verify the email address to subscribe to your brand. You need to enable double opt-in using the MailBluster developer API, and then new leads will receive a confirmation email. ( technical knowledge is required)

Please Note: Without using MailBluster developer API, the double opt-in Subscribe option will not work.

First, you need to set up the campaign for Double Opt-in from Settings > Double Opt-in. Set the redirect URL.

Clicking on Double opt-in under Settings
Composing email for double opt-in
Advance settings for double opt-in

Then use API endpoints from the Developer API and use it on your website. Technical knowledge is required to implement Double Opt-in on your website.

API documentation showing API endpoints under Manage leads

Also note that manually added leads won’t receive double opt-in confirmation email.