Report section is not getting updated/Click rate is showing zero in campaign reports?

If you change any configuration on your Amazon SES Dashboard other than the recommended settings suggested by MailBluster, then MailBluster will not be able to track your email campaigns.

You may notice this error message in MailBluster as well:

To check whether your AWS Configuration sets are set correctly, you need to sign in to your AWS Console of your AWS Account, then go to Amazon SES > Configuration sets. Click on the mailbluster-31436 (the numbers are generated randomly by AWS).

Click on Event destinations and check whether the status of Event publishing is showing Enabled.

If this is set to Disabled, then you can be sure that your AWS account is missing other configurations that MailBluster creates. If you face issues like this, then it’s best to enter your AWS credentials again in MailBluster by going to your Brand > Settings > AWS page and click the Save connection button. If everything works fine, it will create the necessary configurations in your AWS Account again.

If you need to generate AWS credentials properly in AWS then please follow this guide: Connect MailBluster With Your AWS Account. Be sure to sign in as IAM User in AWS.