What if I don’t get approval from Amazon SES after requesting to move out of the sandbox?

I would suggest you to request AWS again to move your AWS Account out of the sandbox environment. This may require several tries. You need to share your business information with AWS as much as you can. The main objective is convincing them.

These are the vital information you need to share with them which includes:

  1. Detailed information about your business.
  2. How did you collect your recipients’ email addresses ? (share the subscribe URL if available in your domain)
  3. Do you have the permission to send them emails ? If yes, then how ? (Explain accordingly but correctly)
  4. How do you manage bounce, complaint, and unsubscription ? (MailBluster will automatically unsubscribe hard bounced leads for you)
  5. Share your Website URL (Domain).
  6. Your use case for sending emails to your recipients.

AWS usually rejects requests because of these critical conditions:

  1. Your use case violates AWS terms and AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy).
  2. Your emails weren’t collected legally and you are probably using paid email IDs from third parties.
  3. You didn’t provide enough evidence against your email collection process, so they can’t confirm your claim.
  4. You didn’t verify your domain to Amazon SES when you first created the AWS account.