How to set up Welcome Email in Automation?

A Welcome Email in email marketing is the first message sent to new subscribers who have just signed up for a newsletter, service, or product. It’s a way to greet them, confirm their subscription, and often provide a warm introduction to your brand. Welcome emails usually thank the subscriber for joining to encourage further engagement.

1. To send Welcome Email from MailBluster, first go to Automation under Campaigns. Click on Create new.

2. Create workflow opens. Enter the Workflow name and Workflow Description. Then click Create workflow.

3. The workflow opens and you will find Start workflow and End workflow. Click on Start workflow > Edit trigger

4. Tick the checkbox Trigger on imported leads and then click Update trigger

5. Now click on the circular “+” sign and Add new step window will appear with two options: Delay and Send Campaign. Delay allows you to set schedule for that campaign while Send campaign allows you to set the campaign for sending

6. If you select Delay then this option appears, through which you can delay your particular campaign

7. If you select Send campaign then you need to enter Campaign details.

8. Here we have set a sample campaign

9. Now scroll downwards and click Update step

10. You can repeat step 5 and step 7 and create another campaign.

The workflow should look like this

11. Click Activate to start the Automation workflow.

12. Now import new leads (who has just subscribed) from Add new > Import leads and attach a CSV file then click Continue.

13. The subscribed leads will receive the Automation campaigns.

14. Make sure the Workflow remains Active while you import new subscribed leads into MailBluster.

Please Note: Automation emails are paid emails because they don’t have any branding on them.