What is Standard Segment?

If you need to create segments on leads based on certain conditions like Campaign activity, Date added, Ecommerce activity, Tags, Segments, Fields and Double opt-in status of subscribers, then you have to use the Standard Segment present in MailBluster. You must provide the necessary conditions to achieve the correct results after the standard segment is created. You can use that standard segment in campaigns as well. To create a standard segment from any of the conditions mentioned above, just go to your Brand, then Segments under Leads > Create new > Standard segment. A standard segment can also be used with another segment along with tags. Multiple conditions can also be applied and tinkered around with to get the best results during Leads management and when adding to campaigns. It’s a very powerful and useful feature in email marketing since it can be used to filter out thousands of leads according to customers’ specific conditions.

Here is an example of Standard Segment for all the leads with multiple conditions taken from MailBluster: