How Automation works in MailBluster?

MailBluster has a basic automation feature. Using this, you can automatically send emails (or a sequence of emails) to your recipients who subscribed to your website.

This is how an Automation works in MailBluster – basically when a lead subscribes to your website, a subscription event occurs. At that time, the system checks if you have any activated workflow that will get triggered by the subscription event. If an activated workflow is there, the lead will start its journey by following the workflow steps. When the lead subscribes, if no workflow is activated, the event will not trigger any workflow. So, the workflow should be active before the lead subscription happens. You can add/set a delay (for example 12 hours/1 day) before sending any campaign in the Automation workflow.

This is an example of Automation workflow in MailBluster:

If you change the workflow in Automation, the behavior might vary for each lead because all leads won’t start the workflow at the same time and different leads will be in different steps based on when they started the workflow. If a lead hasn’t passed the newly added step, it will be eligible for the step. And the leads who already completed the workflow will not be eligible for the new steps.