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What is MailBluster/What does it do?

MailBluster is an email marketing platform that enables you to send the highest quality marketing emails and newsletters with the lowest possible cost and never compromising the deliverability.It would require you to have a verified and approved AWS SES to use MailBluster for sending emails. We don’t offer an SMTP server/service ourselves. We use your … Continued

What is GDPR? Does MailBluster follow GDPR rules?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a piece of data protection law. It is a regulation of the European Union (EU) that went into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR governs how we use, process, and store personal data (information about an identifiable, living person). It applies to all EU organisations as well … Continued

Is my data safe with MailBluster?

MailBluster is fully compliant with GDPR and your information is secure with MailBluster, and we always store it in the most convenient location for our users. For example, EU data remains on EU servers, and you can delete your data at any time. As a result, there is no risk of a data breach because … Continued

How can I trust MailBluster with my card information?

MailBluster does not store your credit card information; instead, it is encrypted and securely stored under the authority of Stripe, as all payments are processed through Stripe. As a result, we can assure you that neither the development nor technical teams, nor even customer support agents of MailBluster, have access to your credit card information.To … Continued

Can we have a self Hosted App?

Right now self-hosting is not possible with MailBluster.

Does MailBluster have autoresponder?

No, we do not have the autoresponder feature yet. We plan to start working on the module soon.

Email automation feature/Does MailBluster do automation emails?

Automation and autoresponders are on our to-do list right now. These features will be available at our stable release in the near future.

How to compose email using Drag and Drop Editor?

MailBluster has three types of email composers/editors: 1. HTML Editor 2. WYSIWYG Editor 3. Drag and Drop Editor The most common and easy-to-use editor is the Drag and Drop Editor. Emails composed with this editor are responsive and do not require programming or coding knowledge. ‘Click to compose’ on the Drag and Drop Editor on … Continued

How to create and send an email campaign?

Follow this video tutorial for the basics on how to design an email campaign in MailBluster to send to your subscribers.

How to schedule a campaign in MailBluster?

Assuming you’ve completed all of the prerequisite steps for sending emails using MailBluster (if not, head over to our YouTube channel for step-by-step tutorials), you are now ready to design and send your campaign. Log in to your MailBluster dashboard, navigate to Campaigns > Send New, and design your campaign. Once you’ve completed the layout … Continued