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What is MailBluster/ What does it do?

MailBluster is an email marketing platform that enables you to send the highest quality marketing emails and newsletters with the lowest possible cost and never compromising the deliverability.It would require you to have a verified and approved AWS SES to use MailBluster for sending emails. We don’t offer an SMTP server/service ourselves. We use your … Continued

How do I get my API key from MailBluster?

Go to your MailBluster dashboard,and click on brand > Settings > API Keys > Create New API Key. Type a name for the API Key and click Create API Key.  Your API key is generated. The API key is ready for use. Just copy the key and you’re good to go.

How to create and send an email campaign?

Follow this video tutorial for the basics on how to design an email campaign in MailBluster to send to your subscribers.

What is the CSV file format to import leads/subscribers properly?

MailBluster doesn’t force you to upload your CSV file in any particular format, rather it’s flexible with any CSV file.  You can select which column contains what data. For example – you can have a column in your CSV named  “Subscriber name” and select it column as “First name” while importing in MailBluster.Here is a … Continued

Can I send transactional emails using the MailBluster API ?

MailBluster does not have a transactional email API yet. Right now, it can only be used to send marketing emails. Our future version might support transactional emailing.  You can go to this link to know how to send transactional emails via AWS SES directly:

I hit my max on sending emails, will my campaign continue tomorrow automatically?

I’m afraid no. After reaching the maximum sending limit, your campaign will be failed. In this case, you can use A/B testing slices to split your lead list into two or more segments. And schedule a separate campaign for each of the slices.

Can we have a self Hosted App?

Right now self-hosting is not possible with MailBluster.

Does MailBuster have autoresponder?

No, we do not have the autoresponder feature yet. We are working on that module.

Email automation feature/Does MailBuster do automation emails?

The feature automated workflow isn’t live in MailBluster yet. However, our team is working on the feature, and hopefully soon, it’ll be available for use.