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Why is MailBluster so cheap in comparison to other email Marketing softwares? Is there any catch?

Don’t worry! There is no catch. MailBluster provides you with the best cost-efficient email marketing service. We provide 62K emails free per month. Plus, we will introduce a monthly price tire with new features like “Autoresponder” and “Story” based automation and other modern “pro” features. But we will keep the current price tire as an … Continued

What are the details for the Enterprise Solution?

An enterprise solution is that we will maintain and manage the SMTP for the clients. You do not need to create an AWS account. Also, we will configure everything for the clients like API configuration. You can have the following pricing package for an “Enterprise” solution – 1. No monthly free emails. 2. Fixed maintenance … Continued

What are the pricing details for MailBluster?

There are two pricing plans in MailBluster. Unlimited Sending allows you to send per 1K email for $0.10. And under the Free Forever plan, you will get 62K emails free per month. Here are the details