Gmail is still not showing the one-click unsubscribe (list-unsubscribe header) in my emails?

Test emails will not show a list-unsubscribe header. If you are sending test emails, consider sending the campaign to yourself as a regular email. If you are still not seeing the list-unsubscribe header, it may be that Gmail has not yet enabled the unsubscribe button, although the correct header is present.

Gmail uses complex algorithms to determine when to show the unsubscribe option. These algorithms consider factors such as user engagement (how users interact with emails from the sender), sender reputation, and the nature of the email. If Gmail doesn’t consider the email campaign as eligible, it might not display the unsubscribe link.

The following is an example of showing one-click unsubscribe (list-unsubscribe header)

One-click unsubscribe showing on list-unsubscribe header

If you would like to locate your MailBluster campaigns’ list-unsubscribe header:


  1. In your Google inbox, open the email and click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Show original.
  3. Search for list-unsubscribe to view the header.


  1. In your Yahoo inbox, open the email and click the More icon (three dots).
  2. Choose View raw message.
  3. Search for list-unsubscribe.