How to resolve AWS Account “Pause” issue?

If your Amazon SES account has been suspended, it’s essential to review the account’s status and address the underlying issues that led to the suspension. You need to sign in to Amazon SES page to understand the specific reasons for the suspension and take appropriate actions to reinstate your account. To resolve your account paused issue, you must:

  • Identify the problem.
  • Request a new review and respond to follow-up questions from the Amazon SES team.
  • A list of changes that you made to fix the problem.
  • An explanation of how these changes will prevent the problem from happening again.

After Amazon SES team receives your request, they will decide whether to resolve, uphold, remove the review or further pause on your sending emails from your AWS Account. If your new review is unsuccessful, then Amazon SES team contacts you with follow-up questions. Be sure to respond to Amazon SES team with the requested follow-up questions carefully.

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