Why are the emails landing in the promotions/newsletters tab?

Whether your emails are delivered to your customers’ Promotions/Newsletters tab or their Inbox is typically determined by mail services such as Gmail. Given that you’re sending promotional emails, it’s only natural that they’ll be classified as Promotions/Newsletters by the Gmail algorithm.

Email promotions/newsletters tab

Gmail is attempting to implement a categorization based on the following criteria:

  1. Email Content (whether the content you send appears to be marketing/promotional in nature rather than personal)
  2. Personalization (the level of personalization your email offers to each of the customers)
  3. User interaction (whether your customer personally marked your email to be categorized into the promotions tab)

If the content of your campaign is prepared as a single personalized email for each of your subscribers, the likelihood that your email will be delivered to the primary tab may increase.