Difference between Pop-up Form and Inline Form

In email marketing, a Popup form might refer to a type of form that pops up on a webpage to collect information from visitors. These forms usually appear suddenly (or “pop up”) and can prompt users to subscribe to a newsletter, receive updates, or provide their email address for various purposes. They’re a way to capture attention and encourage interaction or subscription within a website or landing page.

An Inline form in email marketing is a form that’s directly embedded within the email content itself. Rather than popping up or being an external link, it’s a form that’s seamlessly integrated into the body of the email that is why it is “in-line” inside the email body. This type of form allows recipients to enter information, such as their email address or other details, without leaving the email. It’s a convenient way to gather information or encourage engagement directly within the email message.

MailBluster provides both Popup Form and Inline Form. The following are the configuration settings for both forms.

Configuration of Pop-up Form:

Configuration settings for Pop-up Form

Configuration of Inline Form:

Configuration settings for Inline Form