How to verify Sender Email Address from MailBluster?

The Senders feature in MailBluster simplifies the management of sender identities and DNS records, eliminating the need for manual adjustments in your AWS dashboard.

Now, you can easily verify your Sender Email from within MailBluster. Just go to your Brand > Settings > @‌Senders.

Clicking on Settings and then @Senders tab

Click on Create new

Clicking on Create new button

Select Email address for email verification

Selecting Email address

Enter your sender email address and then click Create sender

Entering sender email address in Email address field and clicking Create sender button

Read the instructions carefully and click View Sender

Sender created popup box appears. Click on View sender

You will notice that your sender email address is showing “pending” status

Sender email address is showing "pending" status

Now, go to your email inbox, open the email from “Amazon Web Services”. Click on the verification link

Email from AWS regarding email address verification request

After clicking verification link, AWS will confirm you that your sender email address has been verified successfully

Sender email address has been verified successfully by AWS

Now click the Refresh button in MailBluster

Clicking Refresh button from @Senders tab

You will see a “Success” right next to your sender email address

Sender email address showing Success

Now click on All senders and you will see the verification status of your sender email address

Verification status of sender email address showing in the list under Senders

A detailed video on how to verify your Sender Email Address can also be found here.