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How do I get my API key from MailBluster?

Go to your MailBluster dashboard,and click on brand > Settings > API Keys > Create New API Key. Type a name for the API Key and click Create API Key.  Your API key is generated. The API key is ready for use. Just copy the key and you’re good to go.

How do I integrate with Convert Pro?

MailBluster has full API support,I believe if “Convert Pro” supports Webhook connection like “Gravity Form” does, you can integrate MailBluster with convert pro. Also, we suggest you contact the convert pro creators about this issue. They can explain better how to integrate other apps with their service. If Convert pro guys need any help, we … Continued

Is there any WordPress plugin for MailBluster?

If your website is built on top of WordPress, you can check out our WordPress plugin here MailBluster for WordPress – WordPress plugin. Otherwise, it would help if you integrated our developer API to connect MailBluster with your website: